Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures airs on AT-X


Lewdly departing to a season 3 hopefully.


Since there are no subs for this yet since it only just came out that means there won’t really be a way of knowing what is going on other than guessing so I’m just going to mainly focus on the service and the setup on it and not spend too much on the story parts because I have no idea what is being said in them. This version of the movie is apparently less censored than the theater version was. Where that stands up to the BD though we won’t know for 3 more weeks to know if anything additional is added in.


After some narration by a group of old men it switches to Basara in the bathroom with Zest whom is cleaning his back with her breasts. Eventually the others find out about it and come in to join as well.

In the middle of this we see a flashback scene before switching back to the bathroom. Maria releases Aphrodisiac gas which I can only assume is made from succubus farts. This causes everyone to start going full lewd before ending with a white fade out screen. The way this part ended is worth keeping in mind since in the series the white fade away transition was used during parts that would be where extra scenes were added in the BD if I remember. Whether or not that will happen here who knows but more on that later.

Maria is punished for what she did with the gas and tied up. Later they see a commercial for a pool place and Maria convinces everyone to go despite the current season outside.

I rage that he is a trap and not a real megane girl as he would had been my best girl for the show otherwise. The group goes to the pool and runs into some other characters because by anime/tv/movie logic you will always run into other characters from the series for no real reason other than to make sure to fit in as many cameos as possible.

Seems that Basara and the others are challenged to go on the high slide and upon doing so it leads to Mio losing her top.

Basara and Mio walk around and see a wedding taking place which leads to Mio getting embaressed. Meanwhile Maria is caught and taken away for taking pictures of people and spying on Basara and Mio.

They run into Chisato who also is there because like I said these things always conveniently make the main characters go to them the same time others are. Some kids run into Chisato causing her to fall onto Basara who catches her. She then leaves and Mio’s contract starts to take affect because of her jealously of Chisato.

Maria comes back and sees what is going on with Mio. Having no choice Basara takes Mio someplace in secret so he can take care of relieving her. However the others run into them and he has to figure out how to do it without them noticing.


Considering how much chlorine is probably in a water park pool this might not be a good place to get water into areas you don’t want water in by going lewd underwater.

Basara does things to Mio when underwater to avoid detection and eventually a large wave comes by knocking everyone away and allowing them to get away from the others to which Basara and Mio hide under a waterfall to continue.

After finishing up at the park they head home only to get a letter for Yuki and Kurumi. Something about them going back to the village based on this ova’s description. Also other characters talking about something as well.

Basara goes to meet with Chisato and they leave to go to a hot spring.

Meanwhile Mio and the others go shopping for food they can do lewd things with or to cook a dinner for Basara when he gets back both theories work. Yuki and Kurumi also train before they have to head back.

Chisato takes Basara into the hot springs and lewd time begins.

Suddenly milk comes out of Chisato surprising Basara. He decides to just go with it since after all it could had been worse. At least her breasts aren’t leaking hot sauce or something.

At the end of this scene is another white fade out transition. It is hard to tell if this is just supposed to be the way they are representing orgasms or if it is a hint to more content being here on BD like how they hinted at it in the show.

Some stuff with Yuki and Kurumi which probably involves thinking about having to go back to the village. Some nudity though and you don’t need subs to understand that.

Chisato has her wings appear while Basara is asleep. We don’t really know if there will be extra BD stuff on that other scene or not so maybe if there is it will explain why they went back to their room and stayed naked. Also this entire scene only exists to trigger me. You never remove glasses on characters that have glasses on all the time. Duct tape them to their face if need be but make sure they are never removed.

After getting back from the hot springs trip Basara runs into Lars and they talk while the others are at home preparing food for Basara.

Basara and Lars fight with Basara having to fight a clone of himself. Eventually he beats Dark Link Basara and becomes strong enough to beat Lars. In other words the usual grind a few levels so you are stronger for the next major enemy type of thing. Lars leaves and Basara heads home.

Basara arrives home to see everyone dressed in wedding gowns. Whatever happens during the conversation ends up causing Mio’s contract to activate again.

Eventually the others have their contracts activated as well leaving Basara with no other option but to take care of all of them. Since they are pretending to be married they proceed to go into the bedroom to do what married japanese couples do and not have sex.


Everyone takes part in an orgy lacking in sex so I guess there is such a thing as a family friendly orgy.

Maria uses her Aphrodisiac stuff again making everyone including herself more horny but apparently not horny enough to have sex.

This part feels similar to the final chapter in the manga in which everyone did have sex after Maria put something in the food with us getting a scene of Basara with each of them. Unfortunately this just seems to remain as foreplay instead showing him doing something to each girl. The only particularly extreme thing here is he may have been giving Yuki oral assuming it isn’t some deliberate misleading thing based on angles. The final part with Mio had some people who saw it in theaters thinking that may had been sex but it doesn’t seem like it. There was another fade to white transition here so who knows maybe we will get some more stuff here on BD that is actually more extreme if we are lucky.

While everyone is asleep he discovers Mio is still awake and they talk further reminding us she is the girl that he cares about the most being the main girl and all. Basara still having his pants on here while everyone else is naked makes it even more likely that no sex occurred here. At this point it just seems like it is trying to beat kissxsis out on the blueballs game.

The next day everyone……departs(*kills self*) for the village and it ends on a cliffhanger. In other words they have made it clear that there is a desire to continue the show on but we will probably have to wait before we know for certain if there will be either another ova or better yet a season 3.

The credits and final scene also make it obvious that things are not over yet as well. So hopefully the movie sells well enough that they do greenlight a final 3rd season sometime in the future to finish the story off. This entire ova was pretty much a setup for a continuation so they obviously had the idea of doing more before they even made this otherwise it would had been a more conclusive movie instead. The BD comes out in about 3 weeks so best to keep an eye on the sales for that week to see how well it did since if it sells well enough that will probably further increase the chances of this all leading to a season 3.


WebM Album.



So in 3 weeks the BD comes out and the big question is if there will be any extra scenes in it. The description does say something about it being different from the theater version but the catch is the same thing could also be said about this at-x version which was less censored and thus different from the theater version. This creates for the possibility that the BD version could be the same as the at-x one. However we did see a few white screen transitions which would indicate something was cut from there but there is also the chance this was misleading as well so it is hard to say. It would be odd though if the BD didn’t have something extra since extra scenes have become the show’s staple so to not do that would feel like something the series became known for was missing. Guess we will know in a few weeks if there is anything else added during some scenes.

As for the ova itself it certainly had a higher ratio of service compared to non service parts when compared to the previous 2 ones. This is good since it means they have acknowledged that the service is a major draw for the series. The only downside though is that the service didn’t really feel like anything new that we haven’t seen before either in other shows or more importantly this one. The lactation was something new for the series to show us but lactation seems like such a specific fetish that it’s range of fans watching this series are probably small. The other newer thing was the implied oral on yuki part but when you consider even Bikini Warriors has done that it doesn’t seem as special. There is nothing wrong with more of the same but one of the things that made shinmai special compared to other series was how far it was willing to go in comparison. So with that said I think people might had been expecting more from this movie in terms of extremes than what we got. Breast fondling and licking/sucking can only be done so much before it gets overdone and boring.

Since the LNs have sex in them I was hoping we would had at least gotten that especially if the future of the anime isn’t a guarantee yet. The manga’s final chapter actually delivered so it would had been nice if this did the same thing. I suppose it could be argued that they are avoiding sex that wasn’t in the LN yet as to not interfere with the plot but the manga didn’t seem to have an issue with it. However that was the final chapter of the manga so maybe that is why they did it since they didn’t need to care about the plot anymore. This could be seen as a positive if you think about it. If they are avoiding sex to not mess up the story than that hopefully means they do truly plan on continuing it on as opposed to the manga which was over and so could ignore the LNs.

The main thing though is if the series continues on will they actually include sex or will they tone things down compared to the LN like they have done before. Would be nice if they just said screw it and accepted an r18  rating and thus had full freedom. However it is still possible to have on screen sex and still get an r15 rating as long as it is kept on the levels of say yosuga no sora or aki sora. So they don’t really have a reason to skip the sex should the series continue on with the remaining LNs.

With all that said I really hope we do get a 3rd season and they don’t skimp on the content in those final volumes. Shinmai was able to bring something new to ecchi when it came out with the extremes it was willing to go and thanks to that it lead to things such as Masou Gakuen HxH getting adapted and maybe even inspired other shows. If a 3rd season is willing to go even further or hell if they do just start making it r18 it would hopefully inspire others to follow as well. We have seen in the past year numerous r18 anime start to air on tv (censored of course) and stuff like that hopefully leads to r18 being less taboo. Hopefully this series continues to go further and further leading to more creators wanting to explore this same territory shinmai has traveled. Inspiring those creators to create their own borderline h series would be a nice legacy for shinmai to have.


I find myself wondering how many times have I had to make a webm of essentially the same action over and over again across multiple shows. Between all those r18 shows I’ve done posts on, all the hentai schedule posts, and BD extra posts and now this how many time have I had to make a webm of nipple licking? I am now convinced that sexual techniques of japanese men function like a pokemon moveset and they can only know 4 at a time and nothing more. Even in hentai that seems to be the default move as well. Can’t they come up with something original? Guess that is the benefit of lolis since they don’t have breasts the creators have to come up with something new. Lolis encourage creativity. Side note reading the translation of Maria’s sex scene from the LN enraged me because of her not having an illustration in it. I was already angered before but now that anger was amplified. Why would you not give us a picture of that?