Blend S TV Fanservice Review Episode 10 and 11

How are you guys enjoying the Blend S anime so far? (^_^)

Episode 10:

Hey everyone!! (^^)/ without spoiling much of the content….please watch the anime to know more!! (^_-)

Mafuyu saw Kaho drawing a lot of attention at the arcade.

Kaho explained to Mafuyu that she was there to let of some steam as she was very stressed out with her studies.

It seems that Kaho got her boobs from her mom. XD She needs to do well in her make up test or else all her gaming console will be confiscated.

Upon hearing her stories, Mafuyu decided to help her out with her studies. They went to Mitsuboshi Coffee as Mafuyu likes the atmosphere there. XD

It was sure tiring for Kaho as she had been studying late everyday.

As Kaho couldn’t get enough sleep, she now has baggy eyes. Mafuyu uses make-up to cover Kaho’s baggy eyes. It was really effective!! (^w^) It looks great with Maika too. After that, they put make-up on Akizuki too. XD

That stature and that face just doesn’t match!! XD Even the manager was shocked after seeing Akizuki. But he praises Maika for looking good with the make-up.

Meanwhile, here’s some fanservice in the dressing room!! Enjoy (^o^)!!

Finally, Kaho managed to pass the test with flying colors. Mafuyu was proud of it too.

Kaho was told not the fail the test again so that next time they’ll go to a different cafe to drink coffee again. (^^)

Episode 11:

On their day off, Dino goes to the park together with Maika and the dog, Owner.

While he watches Maika playing with Owner, he accidentally saw her panties!!

He was embarrassed about it and he called Maika. (==) Anyway, Maika is fine with it as she’s wearing shorts inside her skirt. She even show it to the manager!! (^w^)

While playing at the park, Owner falls in love with another dog. XD

The manager told Maika about it while they were having a picnic.

While the dog that Owner falls in love approaches, their accidental sadistic looks scares the dog away. (>.<)

Stay tune for the last episode of Blend S!! Will the manager be able to confess his feeling to Maika or the other way around? Be sure to watch this anime!! (^_-)

Hope everyone of you is enjoying this anime too (^o^)v !!! Be sure to watch this anime and stay tuned for the last episode of Blend S fanservice review to find out how is my ratings for this anime!! THANKS!!!