Youjitsu (Classroom of the Elite) TV Fanservice Review Episode 4:

Elite oppai gets into trouble too~ 

Thanks again to ScissorMeTimbers for the media!!

Hi everyone (^^)/ the fanservice review begins with another hot teacher from another class!!

The teacher doesn’t look well, drinking too much alcohol is not a good example for the student!! But meh~ but she’s a good example of elite oppai!!! (^^) She congratulates the class for getting second highest points and hope they keep it up to ascend to class A.

The whole class was happy about the news.  (^_^) Ichinose was happy that she was able to help them out.

Later, the class D students bumped into her while taking a lift.

After class, Ichinose asked the male mc for some help as she couldn’t handle a confession from her classmate.

As she’s not a lesbian, she needs to reject the confession form her classmate. She then thanked the male mc for the advice. Hoping things will be the same like before. XD

The next day, the whole class did not receive any points because Sudo Ken got into trouble again. He involved in a fight with some students from class C (it was a setup).

To proof Ken’s innocence, the whole class decided to help him out. Even Ichinose the elite oppai from class B volunteered to help out too. (^^)

These oppai are sure top class quality!!

Back in the male mc’s room, they held a discussion to find a witness during the incident. They suspect Sakura might have something to do with the incident as the whole class volunteered to help out except her.

Kikyou tried to call her but she did not pick up the phone. She’s scared of getting involved in this incident.

The next day, they approached Sakura to ask for evidence. She runs away dropping her camera in the process and freaks out when she cannot turn on her camera. She continues running as she doesn’t want to get involved.

That’s it,  this is all the review for this episode. (^^)v Thanks for reading and stay tune to know more about elite oppai in the next fanservice review!!

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