Killing Bites Episode 9 Fanservice Review

Killing Bites, doesn’t it?: Part 9: The Mammal Reckoning

The clock moves forward, and like an aggressive hooker, Killing Bites may be preparing to strap on a dragon dildo to fuck our ecchi dreams in the ass.

After Shinmai, can we even DARE to try an quasi-classify Killing Bites as an ecchi? Hell I’d struggle to even name 7Virtues as ecchi after seeing the vulva Production IMS put on display…


Rejecting this hotness would be like admitting, “I Have No Nuts.”


Dear god I at least pray we won’t be getting any more Rabbit pissing in this episode…

Onto this week’s possible perversions.


I’ve got a bad feeling if the first bit of anything resembling ecchi is from a flashback.


I’ve always wondered how much better this show would be if it was actually a basement fightclub for monster girls, rather than a jungle hunt of rape snakes and bunnies who can’t control their bladders…


Remember last week’s drinking game? Take a shot now.

I have noticed the anatomy has been getting sketchier at times since this series started.

Luigi does not support bestiality.



Jesus, besides episode 7, episode 1 really was the best of the series so far….


Are they really trying to show us the very few couple of scenes of Badger and MC together to try and make this scene more tense and emotional…

I know the review should be about ecchi, but the story is irking me. Badger girl being the try-hard she is, is basically continuing to fight even though it might kill her, and the camera keeps cutting away to our do-nothing MC becoming worried about her. The thing is, showing us 3 moments of flashbacks with her together with the MC does nothing, because those scenes THEMSELVES had little to no actual deserved connection and emotion in them. So they are trying really hard to make MC seem like he is conflicted between letting Badger fight and saving her life… but it falls completely flat due to the bungled story…

Just putting it out there.


Take a shot.



Daww, Badger is trying her hand at a JoJo pose!



oh……   DEFINITELY an Ecchi focused show……………………………………………………….

But hey, at least you get Bunny ass! I’m sure some furry is jerking to it right now…..


oh no……

no fucking way…..

They aren’t gonna make the big baddie another CG monstrosity again are they?……






Dear god…. I think I would have been happier with bunny pissing.





I miss this… Hitomi genuinely has fantastic body aesthetics, but we never get to see her show it off in a “meaningful” way.





Until next time, I’ll be waiting for good ecchi.