The Seven Heavenly Virtues fanservice review episode 7


Motherly angel time.


We have now reached the last character left to get their own episode and this week is Sariel the angel of Kindness. Also though it’s not anything major this episode’s runtime is a few seconds longer than all the previous episodes especially opposed to last week’s which was a few seconds shorter than normal.


The main guy for this episode comes home from work to discover his place has been changed and Sariel there waiting for him. She informs him of his Messiah candidacy to explain why she is there and that she wants to support him in particular with work and asks him how his day at work went.

Sariel listens to all his complaints he has about work and what he has to go through and comforts him. She then tells him she is going to start training him now so he can handle these things.

Sariel’s training. If only this was another r18 anime instead. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He tells her that wasn’t enough training and he needs to be punished even more in order to become motivated to do better at work and so Sariel obliges but he says that was still not enough.

The background reminds me of yoshi’s story on n64.

She tries motivating him by treating him like a baby but even that isn’t enough and he asks for more so she decides she will try one more thing.

Before she is able to try that last thing her nose starts twitching and she gets ready to sneeze. We then see Michael and Uriel rushing to find her since they detected that her evil eye power has activated which we can assume is probably her ability to detect when someone is doing evil and ward it off. Since the guy was taking advantage of the situation it probably sensed him as being evil. Something like this is also referenced in Sariel’s story on the main site as well with her having the ability to blow stuff up when sneezing which seems to be part of when her evil eye powers activate.

Before Michael and Uriel can get there to stop it her power activates and blows the building up and probably a good portion of that street. The guy finally learns his lesson though from that and doesn’t ask for more. No idea if this disqualifies him from being a candidate though since her eye activating probably means he was sensed as being corrupted. And with that the episode ends.


WebM Album.



So we have now went through all the character introductions and it turns out the order was the same order shown in that very first pv like I speculated a few weeks ago. More importantly now that character specific episodes are out of the way that leaves the final remaining 3 which could be anything since it’s not like there is some major story being followed so there is no way to predict what is next. They could end up being group episodes in which maybe we see the virtues interacting with each other or maybe they will use these 3 as a reason to have the sins show up since we have only had one cameo so far. No real evidence for either but perhaps these will give us a hint on what to expect from the 2 BD episodes later on as well as they too won’t need to focus on character introductions.

This episode probably rivals episode 5 in terms of service with this one possibly beating it out by a bit since there was 3 instances of nudity in this one and some more servicy actions as well. This is good as it shows they are certainly increasing the service as we go along which might mean good things for these last 3 episodes which they have the freedom to do anything they want with since they don’t need to focus on just one character each episode now. Guess we will see next week what they will start to do with the show now.

I wish they would make the remaining episodes be sex training just because I need to find a way to make a “this should be porn” joke each episode. Speaking of the next episode though I actually saw someone on 2ch say something about episode 8 but it was probably a lie. Normally I wouldn’t mention it since I can’t verify how true this is but will put it here just in case it does end up being true so I can point back to it next week. No idea where they got this information from but someone on 2ch said next episode would be about the virtues on a crowded train. I’m going to assume this was just their wishful thinking but will be interesting if that ends up being true since I would really wonder how they knew that. Each episode seems to have a different fetish gimmick and that would sort of fit in so let’s see if that trend continues.