Kimisen Episode 2 Fanservice Review

“I don’t like you or anything, baka desu”

In this episode, MC-kun and Alice go on a date together. Except neither of them would call it a date because they’re denser than adamantium. They learn more about each other and the seeds for a future pairing who unite against greater forces of evil are planted.


Not at all subtle about the Kirito influence. Alice also reminds of Asuna.

Cute. We’ve yet to see her. Likely a witch.

Best girl alert. She doesn’t appear yet. Surpasses Mismis for largest apparent bust size of the girls thus far. Would be a shame if they weren’t put to use.

Episode 1

Mismis invites MC-Kun to her room to cheer him up. She just so happens to have her lingerie hung on a rack. Not a signal or anything.

She invites MC-kun to see a play, and then we pick off where episode 1 ended.

Naturally, these two cannot avoid being in the same place at the same time. As if it’s meant to be that they date each other. Rest assured they will.

They just so happen to have a mutual interest in browsing museums as well. So they visit one together in what is totally not a date. Alice shows strong tsun tendencies throughout, and also some cute vulnerabilities like getting lost in an alley.

“just kiss already” – say all viewers of Kimisen in unison.

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Not a ton of media produced this episode. But, that’s not surprising for an anime that doesn’t have nudity nor is an outright ecchi. I was told by LN readers that Alice takes baths a lot. So maybe another one of those scenes in episode 3?

The romance between Alice and MC-kun – I call him this because he’s as dull and generic as can be – was sweet Has potential to turn into something wholesome eventually. Romance is one of my favorite genres, so at worst I’ll be following this show just to see how that develops.

Plot wise, still no idea what this show wants to be. There are hints of a greater influence in the background that has yet to be introduced. Likely perilous enough to force opposing factions to work together. Though, I’m hoping this doesn’t turn into a battle fantasy that comes at the expense of fanservice. Time will tell.