Kimisen Episode 3 Fanservice Review

A waifu witch appears

Not a ton to note service wise in this episode. But we do get a new girl in a (partially) nude grey witch, as well as a brief cameo from this cute red eyed glasses girl.

Aside from the bath scene in episode 1, every fanservice shot of Alice has been a variation of her partially exposed boobs in a tight dress. And as you can tell from the above gif, there is very little jiggling during scenes that involve movement. Her boobs are nice though, so I’m not complaining so much as hoping there’s more variety in how the service is delivered soon.

No nipples for grey witch girl, of course. Kimisen doesn’t seem to be the kind of anime that’ll deliver surprise BD nudity. But I guess you can never rule it out entirely.


Probably the best fanservice scene from the episode. Of course involving Alice and her ever prominent bust size swaying side to side. Very convenient camera placement as well.

Grey witch girl is defeated by the main pairing. Which was somewhat disappointing as I wished she’d be a recurring character of some sort. The two make a pact to team up with one another to fight future problematic beings of power. There was more to this battle than featured in the review, of course, but was purposely omitted due to lacking fanservice. PLOT vs plot.


Episode one showed promising signs for fanservice, with the aforementioned bathing scene and a service filled introduction for each member of the harem. But the last two episodes haven’t advanced upon that introduction in any way, instead regressing to more tame levels of service you’d expect from an action fantasy that places more imperative on the story than all else. Perhaps episode four will take a different direction and Alice will return to her bathing roots, and hopefully things don’t get so serious that a beach episode is out of the question. I’ll be here to find out.

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