Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 5 Fanservice Review

Wincest is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season

Kiss x Sis is very supportive of family bonding and togetherness. Perhaps only surpassed by Oni chichi in that regard. In this episode the Suminoe siblings pick up where they left off and continue to relentlessly tease each other through pseudo-sex acts.

Typically parents are absent in ecchi shows. KxS not only makes them visible, but also horny and entirely unconcerned about what unholy things their children are doing to each other. Nice.

The natural reaction to hearing your parents having sex.

The father suspects his children are eavesdropping. This leads to sexy scene number one.

Kiss x Sis does not shy away from (covered) genitalia service. Dick stroking, vag stroking and clearly defined clits.

Turns out the parents weren’t having sex (yet). But it doesn’t matter – the siblings are horny and there’s only one way to settle that.

Ako is hot and bothered after hearing her parents fuck. She attacks Keita in bed and draws first blood.

As always, the incest sex scene is interrupted by a jealous sibling. Riko wants her turn with Keita.

Riko’s PDA shyness is adorable. Keita creates a compromise in the form of a blindfold. It is super effective. IIRC, none of the following is in the manga.┬áThe scene ends after Riko interrupts Ako, and we jump straight to siblings in an exhausted state after a night of fun.

Ako copies her sister to join in the fun. Keita then manages to service both girls simultaneously. What a god.

No sleep was had that night. Even a teenager with an unlimited sex drive has his limits.

In the chapter this episode adapts, the premise is Keita trying (and often failing) to study for his exams in the presence of his hot sisters. The OVAs wind up cutting certain plot details out and jumping across chapters out of order to no real consequence of the fanservice; if anything it improves upon the KxS formula by emphasizing what viewers really care about most.

Some take issue with the lack of nipples in KxS, and it’s a valid complaint given how many scenes seem like they should show nudity but actively choose not to. but I’d rather a fanservice show provide zero nudity and ton of intimacy than the other way around. Very few ecchi combine the best of both worlds ala Shinmai Testament.

The next episode will introduce the rest of Keita’s harem, each of which play into specific fetishes – glasses girl with big tits (Mikuni), hot sensei (Yuzuki), and perverted loli (Mikazuki). Should be fun.

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