Outlaw Star Episode 23 Special Fanservice Review

A hotsprings episode in the middle of an epic space adventure? More likely than you think.

Outlaw Star (1998) is a relic from a period where anime sci-fi/space westerns were en vogue – this, Trigun and Cowboy Bebop aired within a two year span. Also a time where anime was less restrictive about showing nudity and more well designed adult women were in focus than the teenage girls that run rampant today.

Episode twenty three is the only episode of OLS primarily dedicated to fanservice – ecchi is not a major category of the series (though there are many eye catches), and it hits a homerun.


if she were wearing a paper bag….no still yikes. Initially it appears as though Suzuka (red ribbon) is the one being checked out, but nah just a busty lizard. There is another scene of this alien chick (…or so we think) later in the episode, but I’ll opt to skip that one for reasons.

Best girl Aisha Clan Clan in the nude. The only instance of such in all twenty six episodes.

We do not get frontal nudity from Suzuka nor Melfina, but that ass can suffice.

This is arguably the most famous scene in OLS. You can easily find this image of Aisha in a lava tub squeezing her tits in cursory searches of the show. Some combination of a universally sexy pose in an odd environment and Aisha’s very exotic design has made it iconic.

You may be wondering what this countdown is for. That’ll work itself out later. It causes some issues with creating clean stitches when covering the character art. but nothing too major.

Typically, I only use sound gifs if there is intimacy involved. But her voice is so damn sexy that I did so for the entire strip tease.

^two attempts at using manual frame capture to create this stitch. The graphics make it less than ideal, really wish  they weren’t there, but as some consolation I was able to control what areas of her body the numbers covered.

As an addendum, here is a dump of screenshots taken during a recent rewatch. Not super comprehensive, but still worth sharing somewhere

Unchained adventure and fun is the eternal mantra of Outlaw Star. Episode 23 expresses that charm very well. There’s a whole lot to love about the series outside of service – debatably the most fun space adventure in anime history, but it wouldn’t be complete without a dedicated effort to showcase the sex appeal of the female cast away from the heat of battle.

Fun fact – this episode was originally banned from Toonami airwaves for being too suggestive. Too much skin for a christian network with angry man children punching each other to unconscious states and blowing up entire planets out of insecure spite. A father fusing his daughter with a dog is more TV friendly than some alien titites, I suppose. Shame because this episode contained a good deal of exposition that leads into the final arc.

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