Kiss x Sis OVA Review Episode 0

All legends begin somewhere.

A quick few notes first! The numbering of the Kiss x Sis OVA episodes begin with 0 and ends with 11. Also, in order to get in as much service per a episode I’ve decided to cover one episode per a post. These OVA’s are filled with service from start to finish. Well, this one lacks a bit but, still great nonetheless.

Anyhow, this first episode is a big step up for Ako and Riko. They announce to the world their love for their step-brother, Keita. However, Keita struggles to accept this reality. Fortunately, no living soul can resist these two loving sisters. Keita, must now embark on a long strange journey in which we the viewer reap the spoils, enjoy!

Episode 0:

This one is for you, Hesita.









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