Kiss x Sis OVA Review Episode 1

This is where legends are made.

It’s hard to put into words how much I love this episode of Kiss x Sis. My journey with Kiss x Sis began with seeing a gif from this episode. The bath scene in particular was shown to me. Never ever had I seen anything else like it. I was in total glee as each second passed. It was just about everything I wanted from anime. This scene is why Kiss x Sis is my personal favorite ecchi anime and shall remain so.

The setting for this OVA starts off with Keita injuring his hand. As such his Onee-chan’s take it upon themselves to help him out as much as possible. This includes helping him bathe as well. Even with good intentions the twins helping Keita goes south real quick. Yet, their mistake was my gain. I hope everyone here enjoys the WebM work I’ve done for this entire scene. Indulge!

Episode 1:


























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The entire scene in its full glory, no sound.

And, here with sound.