Knights of Ramune fanservice compilation

Though this anime has a distinct “Slayers” feel and was marketed as such in North America, the wonderful truth is that it is all window dressing for this pure fap-fest of a fanservice series.  When hot babes have to take their clothes off to fight the bad guys, you know you’ve found a winner.


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Series Information


Production Company:  Ashi Productions

Vintage:  May 1997 to November 1997

Nipple sightings from other Ashi Productions produced anime:  Juusoukiko Dancouga Nova, Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from Ashi Productions:  Iria


Notable Seiyuu:


Yuko Miyamura as Parfait


Yuko Miyamura is best known for her roles as (!):



Thoughts on the anime


A fun, slayers derivative type project that captures that vintage mid-late 90s style.  Those late-nineties anime, Slayers, Sorcerer Hunters, Outlaw Star, Trigun, Maze, Golden Boy and so on, they represented hand drawn animation’s last stand.  Unfortunately, this period was during a fairly steady decline in the industry that continues to this day, making those series look worse off than many hit 80s anime, giving them a dated look, far older looking than just 15 years.  Back then, if you were a low budget series, things could get (literally) ugly.

I became an anime fan in the 90s and many of my all time favorite series were made before the new millennium.  Knights of Ramune isn’t a very good anime, but it’s nostalgic and it’s fun.  It’s so damn 90s, right down to the girls being given names like Cacao, Parfait, and Lemon, while the bad guys are Don Vodka, Tequila, Liquor and Cocktail.  I didn’t even know Cacao was a real word.  I just figured it was something people say during sex on Portlandia.

I’m not the biggest expert on 90s anime, but I’m not aware of another anime series from that decade with anywhere near the same nude fanservice level.  Knights of Ramune is a relic- an anime that feels like it was dredged out of a landfill all these years later.  But in a lot of ways it was ahead of its time, Queen’s Blade level pointless nudity over a decade before it was the norm.

I really liked how they drew for nudity in this series.  They went for natural looking curves (ala To Love-Ru) instead of just going for big round boobs like a lot of other series do.  The “bounce” animation is top notch as well, a signature of 90s fanservice anime.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


Boring!  Boring to make that is.  Something I’ve noticed.  1080p projects are fun.  480p projects usually are not.  I think it’s because with lower quality and lower resolution I am so much more limited with filters and zooms (it takes very little to make 480p look like crap).

The video itself is actually pretty good- it goes on for nearly 15 minutes and most of that is nipple sightings.  There was very little effort from the creators to show non-nude fanservice in this series; it was all nipples, all the time.  They even managed to get nipples in both the OP and ED, something you rarely see even in modern ecchi series.

Fair warning, though I am very happy with the final result, the video quality source is easily the worst I’ve ever worked with.  Not only is the video somewhat splotchy and low res, but it was encoded probably a decade ago and has a lot of white tears at the top and bottom of the screen during transitions.  It was also encoded by somebody that didn’t understand framerates or deinterlacing very well, leading to a lot of ghosting and blended frames.  Believe it or not this was the best quality I could find and I looked high and low.


Favorite Character


As cool as it is hearing Asuka’s voice as Parfait, have to go with Cacao.  Too damn sexy.