Mouhitsu Hallucination manga fanservice compilation


Created by noteworthy hentai mangaka DISTANCE, Mouhitsu Hallucination represents one of his best known forays into the non-hentai ecchi landscape.  DISTANCE is known for several of hentai creations, perhaps most famously HHH – Triple H and it’s hentai adaptation by the same name.

Mouhitsu Hallucination isn’t hentai, it’s non-explicit ecchi genre not unlike series such as High School DXD.  Despite its hentai mangaka source, it’s actually one of my favorite ecchi series to not yet receive an anime adaptation.  The story is interesting, the characters are fun, the supporting cast is foxy and full of girls that could pass for being in their 20s – a pretty big fucking rarity in ecchi mind you.

DISTANCE may not be the best artist, even by hentai standards.  But he has talent for writing and just knows how to design his characters for intangible sex appeal.  Our hero’s boss has got to be one of the sexiest bosses ever, and we very quickly become immersed in his vantage point as readers.  He badly wants to see his co-workers naked, and so do we.  DISTANCE knows how to work tease exactly right, without giving his readers a bad case of blue balls in the process.  There isn’t a nude panel in this series that doesn’t feel gratifying.


Mouhitsu Hallucination  (3 volumes, ongoing)



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