Maken-Ki! fanservice compilation

This 2011 fanservice vehicle is pretty under-rated in my opinion.  Few shows did panty shots this well, and though the character designs are kind of clunky, they are true to the original.  And of course, most of these girls are quite huge where it counts.   K-cup?  Are you fucking kidding me?


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Series Information


Production Company:  AIC Spirits

Vintage:  Fall 2011

Nipple sightings from other AIC Spirits produced anime:  Burn-Up Scramble, Ga-Rei-Zero (w/ Asread), Girls Bravo, Strike Witches 2, Tokko, plus numerous other anime under other AIC labels.

Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from AIC Spirits:  None.  They love the boobies.


Notable Seiyuu:


Noriko Shitaya as Haruko Amaya


Noriko Shitaya is also well known for her roles as:


Sayuri Yahagi as Kodama Himegami


Sayuri Yahagi is also well known for her roles as:


Hitomi Harada as Aki Nijō


Hitomi Harada is also well known for her role as (I shit you not):


Major seiyuu in minor roles:


Rie Tanaka as Medea Demitora


Thoughts on the anime


AIC has been around a long time, with some pretty big hits spaced out over the years.  For the longest time, they were the go-to company for nude ecchi series, particularly of the low-budget variety.  In recent years they’ve experienced massive well deserved success thanks to titles like Haganai and Date-A-Live.  As AIC has experienced this higher degree of success, their production values have gone up and up, while the nudity level is going down and down.  Could they be the next JC Staff or SHAFT?  Those companies once had no issues making tasteless ecchi but after a huge wave of success they’ve left that chapter deep in the past.

I seriously hope not.  I like JC Staff and SHAFT quite a bit, but if AIC finds themselves too prestigious for nude ecchi, well that’s a pretty massive blow to the genre.  AIC and it’s numerous sub-studios have been a major player on the nude ecchi landscape.

I think a lot of people could point to Haganai as the turning point for AIC, but Maken-Ki aired during the exact same anime season and was the higher production values anime of the two.

The year 2011 was loaded with low-budget nude ecchi series, most of them made by AIC.  Maken-Ki was a high budget ecchi masterpiece: with outstanding animation, quality art, and great music.  The character designs may not have lived up to the manga, but small quibles aside, it was a clear step up from AIC’s usual standards.

Maken-Ki stays faithful to the manga, emphasizing action while keeping the nudity amount relatively low.  To compensate, AIC shatters the record for gratuitous, exaggerated pantsu shots.

From an anime standpoint, Maken-Ki is actually a solid series.  Though the lead male is a major nerd, he’s likable as a pervert-hero type and holds more than his own in battles.  The most impressive thing is how his battle prowess actually feels believable despite his outward appearance.  His harem is among the better ones out there.  Not only because it’s loaded with hot girls, but because their personalities are so distinct and consistently charming.  Combine that with good production values and some cool action sequences and you have a hit anime, giving us something worth watching in-between the nipple sightings.

The fanservice in this series was particularly perverted.  Peeping toms, voyeur, panty shots every few seconds, boob scrunching, ridiculous swimsuits, and of course, a tentacle monster scene.  Knowing how to portray perversion is a tough line to walk- go too far and it’s creepy- but do it just right and it’s terrific fun.  Maken-Ki walks that line just right.

I loved the workout specials, both here and in Queen’s Blade.  I hope we haven’t seen the last of these Hinako ripoffs.  Those specials are the epitome of perfectly executed fanservice:  tease followed by reward.

This was an excellent series and made an excellent video.  My only complaint was that more nudity would have been nice.  Had this anime taken the same kind of liberties with nudity that Kanokon and Ladies vs. Butlers did, can you imagine that?  I simply can’t wait to see Xebec’s rendition of season two in a couple months.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


I figured this video would probably go a while thanks to the fanservice specials, but I wasn’t expecting the TV portion to go very long.  Instead, the TV portion lasted about 40 minutes, roughly on par with FREEZING.  That was a surprise.

Though the non-nude section was very long (this video has by far the most total non-nude content of any video I’ve ever done), it was hardly worth skipping over.  AIC puts so much effort into those pantsu shots, not to mention detail.  Has there ever been another anime with as many camel-toes as this one?  I kinda doubt it, but even if there was, there’s no way it was drawn this well.

What makes doing these videos fun is knowing that I’ve somehow made the video more fapable than the original.  In particular, I love looping brief sections into longer, seamless segments or turning a quick pan into a long titty stare-down.  I got to do quite a bit of that in this series, and my string of nudity from the specials (end of the video) was a fanservice lover’s necessity.

A few random notes.  This series went nearly 30 minutes non-nude, and I like to sneak in one random nipple sighting into the non-nude section sometimes.  In this case, I left the pop-top scene intact as it just felt weird splitting it up, that plus it was nice having an oasis in the desert.  As far as the specials go, I trimmed all the non-essential parts down, and extended the good stuff.  The end results is about 15 minutes less of what you don’t want to see and about 5 extra minutes of extended nude scenes.  So don’t breeze through the specials section assuming they are copy/paste, I actually put a lot of work in there to improve them.

This project took over a week to complete, and was hard, hard work.  Probably 100+ hours, at least.  I barely slept.  But in the end I got a great video, so it feels like time well spent.


Favorite Character


Torn between Aki and Kodama.

Who doesn’t love the older seductress types in shows like these?  The nurse from To Love-Ru.  The nurse from Seikon no Qwaser.  The teacher (?) with the glasses in Mahoromatic.  It doesn’t get much sexier than that.  But unlike those characters which hint at modesty or even maturity, Aki is a total slut and absolutely loves showing off.  And best of all, she seems to be having more fun than anyone while doing it.

It’s hard to pick anyone else over her, but I think Kodama might be my favorite “lolicon” type character in any ecchi series to this point.  Part tsundere, part charmingly insecure, sneaky cute, gruff (in a good way), and with a very good body by lolicon standards (great ass in particular).  You’d probably be in trouble if your real life girlfriend resembled this character, but in a fictional setting she’s dynamite.

And that’s not even getting to the rest of the group which is loaded as well.  Not many harems / collections of attractive females are as deep and as enticing as this one.