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Lewd voice acting.


Published in Comic Gum from 2008 to 2013 and drawn and written by Konno Azure who also has done various hentai manga and doujin. Naturally having experience with hentai worked in the favor of this series seeing as how it is focused on the hentai industry in particular voice acting. The main character’s older sister works at a company that makes adult VNs and she ends up getting convinced by her sister to do voice acting for the hentai titles they produce and eventually her friends from school join as well. The series ends up delivering service in two different ways. The first is through character imagination as the characters begin to imagine the scenarios they are actually voice acting in. This leads to a number of imagination sex scenes throughout the manga featuring the characters as they take on the role of the characters they voice including the appearance of said characters sometimes. The second way service is prominent in this series is that it is filled with girls yelling porn dialogue which is a given considering the nature of the series.

The imagination scenes are the best part and are something I really wish more series both anime and manga would utilize more often. Imagination scenes allow for something that normally couldn’t occur usually because of story purposes to be possible now. In particular sex is something that would cause various issues but when it is just in a person’s imagination it allows for you to show that kind of content involving a character without conflicting with the story in one way or another. Some people might not like this because it’s not actually happening but to me it doesn’t matter. The dick does not care if the two characters having sex is just in a dream or imagination sequence because the visual is still the same as if it was happening for real. Harem anime could really benefit from this concept as it allows the lead to have sex with everyone without messing with the story and giving fans of each girl some content at the same time.

The imaginations concept really helped give the series something to make it stand out. If this had just been lewd dialogue with no visuals to go with it than it might not had gotten the same attention it did. Also this manga got two ovas released for it back in fall 2010 and spring 2011 and was how I and many others probably first learned about this series. Those ovas especially the first one are the perfect example of how an anime can sometimes be way better than the source material. If you have not seen them you should watch both as they are the prime example of how ova adaptions of a borderline h series should be done.

When doing this comp I had actually forgotten that the manga itself is actually non nude. This might be a surprise to those that saw the ovas since there is nudity during some parts of that which is just one of the reasons why they are so much better but the manga actually has no nudity at all in it. You have some nipple impressions through clothes a very few number of times and somewhat partial nipples on one panel at some point but other than that the whole series is clothed sex.  I’ll write more about the ovas at the end since this intro is getting too long about the various things in the manga in comparison to the ova which you may notice when looking through this.

As for the comp itself this was actually one of the hardest comps I had to do for a few reasons. I always try to use the volume raws when I do comps but came across issues here. The volumes were not the best of quality due to the fact that unlike a lot of manga today in which we just get digital rips the raws for this were older and were as a result physical scans which not only resulted in lower quality but even things like uneven pages. The translation were much better quality but the issue is not all the translations use the volume releases but the magazine ones. So I had to keep switching back and forth between english and raws for this comp so I could get the best quality I could for each page. And while making sure the magazine pages that I did have to use had no real difference between the volume version like censorship which fortunately didn’t appear to be an issue with this series.

Also using the english translation which I rarely do for these actually kind of made sense in this case. As I said the second main source of service in this series consists of girls screaming sexual stuff and so using the raws in that situation would lose the impact. So this comp will seem somewhat different from others since there will be pages that don’t have visual service but dialogue service instead which I felt was something worth including since that is one of the main appeals of the manga. Also you may notice some duplicate pages as I would sometime include the english version along side the raw because of the dialogue people might want to see. Normally I would just use only the english version in those cases but sometimes the english scan had parts of the image cut off or other issues making me need to use the raw instead but I don’t want people to miss out on the dialogue as well so included it.



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The BD and DVD of the ova came with this bonus chapter.

Bonus DVD Chapter:


There was something that this manga did that we don’t really see too often. While most of the LE volume pack ins were drama cds there were two volumes both the 6th and final 10th that included a VN along with it. In the case of the 6th volume this seems to just be an adaption of the hotsprings chapter but with nudity. Remember what I said before about the manga having no nudity. They were able to fix that with these VNs included with the volumes which provided nudity of the characters that we otherwise only would had gotten nude from the ovas. The 10th VN however is what appears to be a 4th wall breaking type thing in that the VN is supposed to be one of the VNs that everyone worked on in the manga. So just pretend that VN is what’s released in the manga’s version of our world. Also I’ll point out that both of these VNs actually have more cg than this but they are just repeated cg of the ones here but censored with lightbeams instead. From what I can tell in the game you needed to unlock the uncensored versions of the cg while playing.

With that said this is something I really wish we would see done more often. Drama cds seems to be the generic pack in everyone likes to slap into both manga volumes and even BDs probably because of them being the cheapest thing to make. But unique stuff like this really makes a series stand out and though koe de oshigoto isn’t the only one to do something like this it’s still a rarity (only recent thing I can think of that did something similar was konosuba including an rpg made in rpgmaker with some of its BDs). While others may include small games and the like similar to this in rare instances they still don’t do what these VNs did for koe de oshigoto and that is provide something we didn’t get in the manga itself. Sure we had the ovas but what if we didn’t? This would had been the only real nudity the series gave. Just imagine if other non nude manga would release VNs as bonuses that delivered on nudity that the main manga did not. This manga was ahead of it’s time by doing something like this and it’s a shame we don’t see other non nude manga doing the same thing.


VN volume 6:

VN volume 10:


While most of the manga volume bonuses were drama cds there were a few others that did some different things. I already mentioned the VNs above but there was also a handheld game included with one of them as well. I have no idea how it functions as a game but descriptions on blogs at the time described it as an adventure game. But from what I can tell you pressed the buttons to hear various voices so maybe it was some kind of choose your own adventure type thing in which you select a choice while listening to the story who knows. I’m just going to guess it would be a funny way to make people hear porn dialogue yelled out of your pocket by pressing it. Also one of the volumes included a LN but other than a pic from a blog I don’t think it was ever scanned. Also another volume included a 12 page calendar with a different image on each. This doesn’t seem to have been scanned either back then so we only have these few blog pics to rely on.




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As I said at the start about the difference between the manga and ovas you may have noticed something while looking at this comp besides the lack of nudity unlike the ova. The first ova covered volume 1 and the second volume 2 however there were some differences between the manga versus ova besides the nudity. As you looked through the comp you probably recognized the scenes from the first ova but also probably wondered why some from the ova were missing from the comp. Well that is just one of the reasons why the ova was perfect in demonstrating that this is how you are supposed to do an adaption and that is by adding content as well. The ova not only added a few bits of nudity that was not present in the manga but it took the scenes that were only a mere panel or two in the manga and turned them into longer extended fap material.

But it didn’t stop there as the first ova also added some scenes of original content as well by having conversations from the manga that lacked imagination scenes now have them created for the adaption. You can certainly tell the ova was made by those that knew just what people wanted to use this for. The ovas had scenes that were looped and designed in a way that they knew people would be fapping to it and they made that as easy as possible to do. That first ova truly is a work of art at knowing how to make things fapable and should be required viewing for all animators on how you do an adaption of a borderline h series by not toning it down. Unlike other series that treat imagination scenes as static panning stills with no movement the ova for koe de oshigoto had full animation during these parts. They really knew what they were doing with this thing and didn’t cut corners and deserve all the praise they get.

At the end of the day both of the ovas had balls that you don’t really see too many studios have today in terms of sexual content. Anyone can make a innocent bathing scene but only the best make scenes of anime girls yelling sexual stuff while getting fucked on screen. These were ovas that really deserved the honor of being called borderline h as they provided a type of content others rarely if ever give. More importantly they went above and beyond the manga by extending the fapable content from the manga into something much longer and even gave some nudity that the manga did not deliver on. When it comes to adaptions there are always debates on if a straight one to one adaption is better or should the studio takes liberties. My view has always been dependent on who the staff in question is and what liberties they take. The ova adaptions of this showed that taking liberties can be a very good thing when those liberties consist of increasing and even turning up the service. As I said those ovas are a perfect example of how you should do a borderline h adaption and how you should approach any creative changes to the source material if you take any.

The fact that this only received two ovas and no more than that is a crime. And while this sadly also never received a full 12 episode anime adaption the author’s recent manga has. In a few days Nobunaga-sensei will be airing which is the author of Koe de Oshigoto’s newest work. Obviously it won’t be the same degree as Koe de Oshigoto but the manga does have some imagination type scenes in it (though not on the level of this) and it will be interesting to see what Seven does with those and if they will take some liberties to make them more lewd like the ovas for Koe de Oshigoto did. The manga for Nobunaga does have nudity in it as opposed to Koe de Oshigoto’s so it does have one advantage right out the gate. Pretty much the whole reason I’m interested in the author’s new work is due to how well I liked this so hopefully it manages to not disappoint and deliver just what you would expect from this author.

The scene near the end of the second ova pissed me off. The glasses were removed when the sex started and then magically reappeared when they changed positions. Someone was drunk when doing the animation that they forgot to draw glasses during one part. How do you forget that. If anything you should forget to not draw glasses on characters and as a result draw them on all females without question. I must create a virus that when unleashed on the world makes all animators draw glasses on girl characters by default. I wouldn’t be a Mad Scientist for creating such a thing I would instead be God.