Pastel Memories, Fanservice Review Episode 7

It’s time for some “great” classics…

And here’s another episode of Pastel Memories attempting to titillate our prurient instincts.

Well, not really, but at least it tries.

This time we get Saori (right), Yuina (left) and Irina (center) running around an old-style RPG for consoles…

…so expect some references to old Dragon Quest’s games, Ghost’n Goblin, Castelvania and all that stuff.


But no time for useless introductions! This episode starts with Saori & co. already running around the world of the game…


…thankfully this graphics is swiftly replaced by a proper one.

The king (there’s always a king at the start of the game), receiving the heroines thinks so too, as he makes an assessment of the girls’ “merits” without attracting attention …

(if this was their take of a sexy mage outfit, it’s NOT the way to do it)


After reasoning that Maya and the Dark Elites are probably hijacking the Demon King (there’s always a Demon King in these games), they try to figure where he can be… but apparently getting information unrelated to the setting isn’t really easy (well, they’re coded in 8 bit, after all), so they resolve in just going along the journey and hack and slash their way through hordes of monsters…
…or not. At the first encounters they die and are resurrected back in the city’s temple, with the good king assessing again their merits, with even more focus.


Time to try again, with more spirit! And it somehow works, so they manage to arrive to the second town, where a roaming monster just happen to be passing by and kidnaps Nejiusa.

(Yuina is definitely out of her environment, as she plans to use the loot to buy gachas)


While they could’ve left the sleazy plushie behind and gone their own way, they instead follow the moster to a cemetery, where the gameplay switches to a platform and the girls are chased by a mob of undead trying to tear them apart… or at least their clothes (good job, specters). In the end Saori manages to beat the monsters and save Nejiusa, but Yuina and Irina are in the meantime dead as well… time to go back to the temple and resurrect them again. And not for the last time.


Another step forward, a cave full of monsters and a treasure chest. We all know it’s a Mimic, but not Yuina (she’s a noob that only plays browser games), so she triggers it. The Mimic casts “Confusion” on the party and a mob of monsters attacks. Bad End.


Time to resurrect and try again, this time with some bomb-like thing that Saori pulls out of her… cleavage. Ok, nice. We’re finally to the last town before the Demon King’s castle. Time to hit the sack in the local Inn.


Except that the next morning Yuina and Irina discover that Saori is in “that” part of the month… which means the one or two days each month when she regains all the common sense negativity she forgets for the rest of the time, as she’s usually foolishly optimist and batshit crazy. Since Saori is plainly useless, the girls just carry her around like a bag of potatoes, until they finally arrive to the Demon King’s castle.


Here they discover the Demon King is actually a middle-aged guy with banana-hair (it’s a really old game, after all…) that handwaving blasts away Saori and then beats to a pulp Yuina and Irina, taking them captives for whatever evil plans he has for them.

(please let it be something dirty… at least a Princess Leila bikini!)


Thankfully (or not?) the next morning Saori wakes up and is back to be the certified wacko we signed up for. She storms the castle and frees the other girls (Nejiusa too, but we don’t care), together they whack around the Demon King, until he has had enough of them and reveals his true form (every Big Bad Boss had a true form back in the days), which is… a dinosaur with banana-hair.


Only then, they remember that they aren’t really adventurers of a videogame, so the girls transform back to their (majokko?) outfits and then stomping on the Demon King becomes a walk in the park…


After that Maya finally shows up (actually, I already forgot about her) but since she’s just an epilogue’s boss, she’s kicked away without much effort, swearing to win… the next time…



Overall Thoughts: There’s not much to add, this episode got its share of fun and awkward moments and shows a bit more skin than the previous ones. Still, there’s a long way to go before I can call Pastel Memories “ecchi”.