Konbini Robot Populi-chan manga fanservice compilation

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If all stores had a loli robot working for them they wouldn’t need Black Friday sales to attract customers.


Published in 2009 in Comic Alive and drawn and written by Hayashi Yuichi. This is a 4-koma about a convenience store called SUNOO that has a loli android girl working at it and helping its employees. Similarly there is another store across the street called Opeth which also employs an android girl as well but a large breasted one. So you have two stores one with a loli android and another with a large breasted android and you have the setup for this manga.

Being a 4-koma you can figure out this is more along the lines of a comedy that tells the story of a convenience store and its employees and their interactions with their android helper. There is also a decent amount of fanservice throughout mainly in the form of underwear and even though it never gives us nudity in plain site there are some partial nipples sometimes if you look close enough at some scenes.


Konbini Robot Populi-chan: 4 Volumes (Complete) 


Volume 1


Volume 2


Volume 3


Volume 4



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At first I was trying tho think of a manga for thanksgiving and searched the native american tag on mangaupdates but to no avail. Someone should make a harem manga set during the first thanksgiving. The main character could be a pilgrim whom during the first thanksgiving ends up attracting a bunch of indian girls and so begins his indian girl harem adventure with a tsundere indian, loli indian, milf indian, yandere indian, and deredere indian and fill it with plenty of nudity. 

Was trying to think of a manga that would fit for Black Friday. Couldn’t find any manga about shopping or fighting over cheap deals that had any considerable fanservice in it to do a compilation for. So I decided to search manga that revolved around a store as that would still somewhat fit in with the theme and decided to do this one.