Occult;Nine Fanservice Review Episode 1

I decided to make a review for this series especially because no one asked for it! The Fapservice community strives to cover the series that manage to show even a sliver of fanservice each season, after all, that is what our objective here is. Your entertainment (or pleasure, though the former sounds more proper) comes right after for what we aim to ensure.

To summarize most of this episode… TITS, BAZONGAS, AND EVEN MORE TITS! (Hint, hint, there’s even some bare skin and pantsu shortly present as well)

We start things of with the opening (as usual). And now, to decide the nicknames of the female characters.

horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000038-411-copy-copyShe’ll be called JK (what high schoolers are known as in Japan). horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000039-287-copyShe’ll be addressed as MILF. horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000039-871-copy She’ll be known as Megane-chan (hence the glasses).horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000041-050-copy …I don’t know what to call this girl. Probably Gothic Lolita?horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000041-915-copy Obviously this one’s BigTitsMcGhee.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000051-424-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000051-974-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000057-180-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000116-247-copy For those leg-men out there, enjoy! horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000118-618-copy Is that what I think it is?horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000135-844-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000202-412-copy Clearly we are given nudity here (no nips unfortunately). Don’t worry, we get to see a little bit of panties later on.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000409-915-copy

horriblesubs_occulticnine_-_01_720p-mkv_000412-415_stitchProps given to NoxBasket for the stitch.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000414-669-copy
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000415-921-copy So close, but unfortunately physics was not on our side this time around.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000416-254-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000416-838-copy
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000436-191-copy Shit just got real.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000438-902-copyLook familiar?Image result for villager meme
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000501-883-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000502-968-copy Aikaflip’s favorite.horriblesubs_occulticnine_-_01_720p-mkv_000557-324_stitchJust your typical boring debate about science and whether or not the occult should be associated with science.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000826-432-copy horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000829-758-copy I got the extreme urge to edit this cap and put the caption “Always believe in the heart of the cards”, but I decided not to in fear of losing my job.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000853-036 Because Megane-chan barely gets any screentime, I’ll give her a few caps out of pity.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_000906-919 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001225-940 Gothic Lolita didn’t have any screentime/scenes worth taking, but out of the sake of necessity, I decided to include at least one cap of her.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001426-385 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001428-741
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001433-205 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001435-207 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001435-833
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001456-311 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001456-603 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001457-699 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001459-439
…Wow, that was unexpectedly sexy.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001525-230 This clearly demonstrates that the gun is fake. No way would electricity not shock her when it’s clearly raining (and her umbrella isn’t going to do much to stop the rain around her). Not just that, the current of electricity wouldn’t be traveling in such straight manner in the middle of the rain. It would most likely be diverging from the original direction it was aimed.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001551-216 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001608-717 Guess who the important character here is? Obviously the cuter girl on the right. She’s damn adorable That’s right, the girl with flamboyant clothing on the left!horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001702-729
horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_001730-631 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002036-466 I sure would appreciate some unrealistic pantsu shot right about now. Surely a show about the occult could permit some unrealistic physics every now and then when it matters?horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002036-610 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002154-103 As promised, here is your much-desired pantsu. This confirms that there was pantsu in this series. Enjoy! Laughs internallyhorriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002154-231 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002154-643 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002222-924 You can’t help but appreciate the marbles in the ending. This cap makes for a great wallpaper.horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002230-557 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002309-010Image result for marbles gif key and peele horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002314-397 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002320-998 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002322-321 horriblesubs-occulticnine-01-720p-mkv_002357-103And here we have the end card. Subtle, yet visually satisfying.

So some people consider this show to be a clusterfuck, and the reviews for it don’t help to deny this. My opinion while watching this show was that it was entertaining (for what it’s worth), especially with the quick pace in which events occur. I don’t expect this show to be very memorable, but I’ll at least leave it as a potential show to pick up. I give my gratitude (it’s never too late to give your thanks, even if Thanksgiving already passed) to NoxBasket for the 2 stitches, and ScissorMeTimbers and IHaveNoName for the tech support (as per usual). I’ve said my word, so I’ll go ahead and take my leave. Ciao!

[Editor’s note:  Although this review was done at readers’ requests, this might be the one and only fanservice review for Occult;Nine.   At this time, there are no plans for future reviews.  Writers are busy, this season is almost over and a new season is almost upon us.  If you would like to see more Occult;Nine fanservice reviews, please leave a comment!]