Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (aka Nakaimo) fanservice compilation

This is the ecchi anime Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! (aka Nakaimo), edited down for added emphasis on fanservice and nudity, available via torrent as well as direct download.


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2



Production Company:  Studio Gokumi

Vintage:  Summer 2012

Notable Seiyuu: Takahiro Sakurai, Ayana Taketatsu, Ami Koshimizu


What a pleasant surprise Nakaimo was.  It was produced by Studio Gokumi, a recently founded anime company known for popular moe type series (Koe de Oshigoto!,  A-Channel, The Ambition of Nobuna Oda).  To this point, their track record had been non-nude (as far as I’m aware), and they’d had some big hits to their name.  The light novel / manga for which this anime is based had little to no nudity if I recall correctly, and the broadcast version had seemingly very little in the way of potential BD nudity that wouldn’t require redrawing.  Before it arrived on BD, I would have given it a snowball’s chance in hell of having nudity.

And yet, it did.  In fact, it had a ton of it.  It’s not very often you see an anime company go back and re-draw for nudity the way Studio Gokumi did with Nakaimo.  That made the BD releases some of the most anticipated (for me personally) in recent memory.  Not only did they add nudity, but there was a bit of unpredictability to it with each volume.  You never had any idea how much nudity you’d get.

My only complaint, and it is minor, is that there was no nudity on the OVA, which goes against the norm for nude ecchi series.  The girl with the best pair never ends up showing them either, and while I’m guessing we won’t see a 2nd season, if it does happen, that would be a huge reason… two huge reasons to watch.

Of course, as it says in the title itself, this is an imouto (little sister) flavored ecchi series.  I’m not really sure what fuels Japan’s obsession with incest.  Ancient cultural attitudes?  Or maybe they just like fantasizing about stuff because it’s so wrong (like Americans do with horror-porn (Saw, Human Centipede, etc).  That’s my working theory, and it neatly explains the popularity far worse themes in their erotica (rape, torture/mutilation, parent-child incest, etc.)

Of course, to us, the little sister character isn’t our little sister, so we can ogle all we want, guilt free.  In something like this, it is really just meant more as a mechanism to inject a unique brand of sexual tension and awkwardness.  Or just maybe, a shocking ending where the sister actually gets picked.  And in this case, the imouto character actually has a great rack for a change.  What was I talking about again?

Moving along, Ayana Taketatsu is in this anime, and does NOT voice the little sister character.  She’s the voice of Rinka (the blonde) instead.  Previously, she had voiced probably the most infamous imouto character of all time (Kirino Kōsaka from Oreimo) as well as Date-A-Live’s imouto character Kotori Itsuka.  She also did Koneko from High School DXD, in addition to several other notable roles.

Takahiro Sakurai seems like a big “get” for a male lead in an ecchi series, which is usually done by a fresh faced voice actor.  He’s of course the voice of Cloud from FFVII, Suzaku from Code Geass, Kanda from D.Gray-man, Griffith from the recent Berserk movies, the list goes on.  His voice is easy to pick out.

The show stealer though is Ami Koshimizu as the mysterious Ikusu Mizutani.  You know how David Cross was a “never-nude” on Arrested Development, always wearing ragged jorts at all times, even in the shower?  Ikusu Mizutani is basically the opposite.  It’s more a question of when she isn’t wearing her birthday suit.  I thought Koshimizu’s handling of this role was perfect.  She’s come a long way since playing Kallen in Code Geass many years ago.

As far as the video itself, it was one of my earlier efforts and focuses almost exclusively on the nipple sightings.  The final video ends up over 7 minutes long.  That’s a lot of nudity for any series, especially for a company that has been non-nude in everything else they’ve done.