Seikon no Qwaser playlist edition

Here are Seikon no Qwaser’s best fanservice scenes, sorted by character and broken up into clips, to be viewed as is or in any order you prefer.

Be sure to set the stream quality above to 720p (it’s 360p by default).  You can watch the streamed playlist randomized if you watch it on youtube.

Due to a current lack of a decent quality 1080p rips at the time I made this, this playlist is 720p only.


Torrent.  Seeders needed!

DDL:  720p



I’m always experimenting with my videos, trying to learn something new or improve on every video I make.  For example, when Princess Lover gets it’s turn, you’ll see a new format I did in that one.  In this case, I made a second version of Seikon no Qwaser that sorted by character.  I know we all have our favorites, and I’m sure opinions vary as to who that favorite is, so sorting by character makes for a much nicer video.

Unfortunately, it almost doubles the workload in edit.  Not just the extra moving and cutting of clips, but blending/remixing the audio too.  And for a two hour video with several hundreds of cuts to work with?  That took an eternity.  To this point, I’ve only made 3 videos that arrange by character:  Ikkitousen, Seikon no Qwaser, and Rosario to Vampire.  All other videos present the fanservice in order of appearance (for the most part).

But because the fanservice in this series was so over-the-top, and because the sheer volume of nudity was just so much, I felt it was worth going above and beyond, and made a playlist version.  I manually encoded each clip or clip grouping and renamed them by character and number.  So now you can watch this two hour compilation by character, or you can set the playlist to “random” and watch it in totally random order to keep it from getting stale quickly.  You can also edit the playlist to just play the character files you want over and over (both linearly or randomly).

This is a 720p only release, even for season II.  I could go back and redo season II for 1080p, but that would take me at least a week and I’ve still got so many good projects to work on instead.  It is also encoded with Sony Vegas’ built in MP4 encoder (Mainconcept), which is nowhere near as good as XVID4PSP’s or Virtualdub’s.  It’s still okay quality, but for 720p standards the efficiency is below average.  (Again, it really is lamentable that the first season never got an A+ 1080p release).

I don’t own stock in their company, but I highly recommend KMPlayer for my videos, especially this one.  I’m not an elitist that thinks any one video player is the best, they all have strengths, utilities and drawbacks.  But KMPlayer has IMO the best playlist interface, allowing users to quickly and easily modify, and even has settings for standard play vs. random play vs. repeat.  It also has the “AB section repeat” feature, which in general makes it a must for any kind of video that would make Borat smile and say “sexy time.”