Seikon no Qwaser seasons 1-2 fanservice compilation

Made during the pinnacle of popularity for the ecchi genre, Seikon no Qwaser took things further than any anime TV series had ever dared, before or since.  No other anime comes even close to having the total amount of nudity that SnQ had, all the more impressive considering this anime had an actual story to tell.


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2



Production Company:  Hoods Entertainment

Vintage:  Winter/Spring 2010, Spring 2011

Notable Seiyuu: Ayumi Fujimura (!), Kana Hanazawa, Aya Hirano (as Katja.  Wow, I would NOT have guessed that.), Yōko Hikasa (plays Hana in SnQ; Rias in DXD), Ayako Kawasumi


In terms of pure nudity per minute, Seikon no Qwaser is the most prolific ecchi series of all time.  The final video stretches on for nearly two hours (from just 38 total episodes if my count is right), with only perhaps 30% of that nudity coming from the specials.

I knew this series had a lot of nudity, but I was pretty shocked how high it stacked up by the time the project was over.

Not only did this anime have an unprecedented amount of nudity, but it pushed the envelope too.  Souma?  I guess if you make up a different name for boob-juice, you can get away with it.  But then again, what can’t you get away with in Japan these days?  And when Mutsumi decides to give Mafuyu a special power to help her protect those she loves, and maybe even the world itself, the delivery mechanism for this power is…. what else?  A dirty lesbian sex scene.

I could go on an on, but I think you get the picture.  This was one seriously perverted anime, but what makes it stand out from other envelope pushing ecchi series was that it actually wanted to be something.  It developed the characters and tries to make the audience care about the story.  And it’s actually somewhat successful at it.  I don’t know how well it did on BD sales, but the first season was surprisingly well regarded by anime fans in the States (as a love/hate anime that divides opinion, anyway).

This series is also noteworthy for it’s effort level.  It has awesome OP/ED segments, splurges on it’s budget for action, has great art, and brings in a terrific cast full of A-list seiyuu.  Ecchi is a bit of a niche market within anime, which is itself a niche market.  So it’s not very often you see a production company go balls out for an ecchi series, especially one as risky as Seikon no Qwaser.

This anime was directed and produced by the same people that did Manyuu Hikenchou, and it really shows in how the art is done, particularly the boobs/nipples.  The specials are fairly similar in style as well.

I really liked the cast of characters in this one, it’s very hard to pick a favorite.  Hana was probably my favorite initially, but the more I watch the more I appreciate Mutsumi and Miyuri.  And though those three are my favorites, most of the rest of the cast is just behind them.  I think I still lean towards Hana ever so slightly, if only because her seiyuu performance (same voice actor as Rias from DXD) is so insanely slutty.  Yoko Hikasa went above and beyond the call of duty in this anime.  Well done.

I adore Ayumi Fujimura (Kaicho wa Maid-sama, Squid Girl, Nabari no Ou, Index, etc) and felt uneasy seeing her in any ecchi role, especially one this slutty.  After seeing this show, I am still uneasy about it, though I get why they cast her for the lead role.  She fit the “sexually reluctant” type role very well.  Still, I kind of wish they had picked someone else.  I feel she’s not cut out for erotica.  And let’s be honest, that’s what shows like this are.  Erotica with a budget and thinly veiled pretense.  Not that I have anything against that- these hentai / anime hybrid type shows are my favorite kind.

Tomorrow, I’ve got a special follow up release planned for Seikon no Qwaser that is one of my personal favorites, it’s a playlist version that allows you to watch scenes randomly, or by your own choosing.  It also sorts the nearly 2 hours of footage girl by girl.

As far as the project itself, this video and the alternate version I’m releasing tomorrow combined took about a month to make.  It’s pretty much how I spent my July.

I had some trouble finding decent 1080p quality video for season I, and was forced to use 720p source instead.  I did manage to get very good 1080p source for season II, but I would guess about 65% of this video is upscaled from 720 to 1080, unfortunately.  The 720p alternate version looks almost as good, for half the filesize, and is worth a download if you are hurting for hard drive space.