Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 3 TV Fanservice Review

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I’m back with great Konosuba review content this week! Please forgive me for this tardy post as I had some urgent business to attend to. Without further ado, let’s get this review underway.

Armed with the burning desire to earn the money to settle their debt, Kazuma and gang (sans Darkness) set out to explore a newly discovered dungeon, coming across gremlins, spirits and the undead along the way. They soon meet an arch wizard who yearns to be purified and reunited with his late wife. After sending him off and receiving his treasure, Kazuma experiences an epiphany that it is Aqua’s divine aura that served as catnip to the monsters, leading him to make an attempt to ditch her and run for his life. However, Aqua clings on to him for dear life, much to Kazuma’s chagrin, and much to our amusement!

Meanwhile, Darkness is ostensibly shown to be engaged in some sort of shameful activity. What exactly is transpiring at the lord’s mansion? We shall find out in the next episode.

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Megumin doesn’t want to take on a quest requiring the party to go inside a dungeon because she can’t use her magic inside the dungeon (or doing so would put the party at severe risk).


Back to Megumin again…

You’d think a move like this would be pretty powerful.  XD Every party member for himself.

And now, the preview for next week’s episode…

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This week, we got an episode that focused on our goddess of water. If you’ve noticed thus far, Megumin spent some time with Kazuma in the last episode as well (notwithstanding the appearance of Yunyun), so yeah, we will get an episode 4 featuring the best of Darkness. The review for episode 4 will come out soon, so look forward to it!