Kono Yo Hana Ni Suru Tame Ni manga fanservice compilation


This one’s a gem.

This manga began under the name Konohana , was discontinued after a publisher dispute, then returned as Kono Yo Hana Ni Suru Tame Ni .   As of yet I’ve been unable to find raws for the original Konohana , which is a shame because if the follow up series is any indication, it must be glorious.


Kono Yo Hana Ni Suru Tame Ni  (4 volumes, ongoing?)



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Seriously though, if anyone knows where I can get raws of Konohana , it would be greatly appreciated.

A sidenote, I also updated the Strike Witches  compilation to include the images posted over at Sankaku Complex the other day, as well as adding a few choice additions from the Strike Witches Anthology .