Majikoi Episode 04 Fanservice Review

Episode 4 gives us some good Chris nudity, and explores her character and relationship with Yamato. Wanko also thinks about her relationship with Yamato, but unfortunately decides not to show her breasts.

But before we get to the good parts, Miyako starts our episode in typical Miyako fashion: by demonstrating her impressive assets to Yamato and the viewers.

Miyako intrudes the bathroom and sniffs Yamato’s clothing while he’s bathing, and puts on his underwear, replacing it with her panties. Yamato emerges from his bath upset, and demands Miyako remove her clothing. He isn’t careful with his wording here, and Miyako begins to remove her shirt before being denied and chased out of the room.


Chris, fervent admirer of Japanese culture, fan of Japanese historical dramas, and the living embodiment of female autism (she once answered an obscure question on Japanese history, but could not answer “Charlemagne” when given a brief description despite being German) decides to enter the bath, unaware of Miyako’s current shenanigans.


Intruding on a nude or nearly nude Chris is a common occurrence in the visual novel.  It is a very nice touch to see how (in her route) their relationship progresses to the extent that she becomes less angry and more bashful when it happens, as Chris begins to see Yamato as a worthy man, and eventually a boyfriend.


Chris is understandably upset at being seen naked by Yamato. As he’s being crushed underfoot, Yamato explains that nudity is not seen as shameful as in the West. Chris doesn’t believe it and tries using her rapier to reach for her panties, but the blade is too sharp and cuts them.


Yamato admits to Chris that he likes seeing nude women. Chris asks him if he wants to see her naked because she’s just a woman, or if he wants to see her naked because he’s attracted to her. Before Yamato can answer, Miyako walks in and immediately arrives to the conclusion that Yamato is into S&M and says she’d gladly indulge him. Chris, still embarassed, takes this opportunity to leave.


Later, Chris is thinking about what happened between her and Yamato earlier, when she discovers some food and a note from Yamato apologizing for what happened.


Wanko begins her day of training giving us a nice shot of her body. Her breasts are also noticeably smaller than when we last saw them in episode 02; her size in this episode aligns more closely with her size in the visual novel. Yamato blows a dog whistle (a nod to her dog-like nature) which Wanko reacts to immediately. She discovers Yamato, and her older sister Momoyo about to fight a man that traveled to Japan to challenge her, a rather common occurrence in the visual novel.


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Momoyo, being as strong as she is, takes him out effortlessly. Frustrated by the ease in which she defeated him, Momoyo declares Yamato will be her next opponent and attacks him. She uses a move that generates wind which excites Yamato, as he eagerly attempts to look under her skirt, hoping that the wind would give him a peek. This is a trap however, and she grapples him on the ground before getting distracted by a cute girl in the crowd. The anime clarifies a point here through a conversation between Wanko and Yamato – Momoyo isn’t a lesbian but doesn’t consider any man around her worthy, so she frequently flirts with girls instead.

Wanko and Yamato continue their conversation, with Wanko expressing her desire to become stronger, and her hope that through her training her breasts get bigger. Yamato encourages her on this point, which causes her to recoil in embarassment. The episode ends with Wanko determined as ever to grow, and her hope that someday she ends up married with Yamato.

Sadly, fanservice takes a backseat for the remainder of the series in favor of plot. Given what we’ve had so far, it’s rather disappointing as there was certainly more potential for other girls to get some service spotlight. I will do my best to insert some visual novel original service to compensate, as well as condense the remainder of the episodes to maximize service content.

Until then, see you next time.