Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 2 fanservice review episode 6


Killing other’s waifus.


This episode has the least amount of service so far. There is pretty much nothing in it except for say some breast groping for like 3 seconds midway. Most of the episode is just focused on battles so nothing really important here this week. Next week might be better based on what should be coming up but more on that later.


Fanis and her army are fighting against Varakness and losing due to how strong his fallen are. He tells her he has come to add her to his collection of wives like he promised as she tries to kill him by shooting him in the heart.

After everyone thinks he’s been killed from the shot his mermaid wife heals him by kissing him and bringing him back. He then sends another one to cause all the ships to start crashing using her voice. As they are trying to think on what to do next the flying wife appears behind Fanis and attacks her saying she doesn’t want someone with bigger breasts than her to join the harem. As she is about to kill Fanis other soldiers try to save her only to be killed as well as they see they are all under powered and can’t fight them.

As she is about to kill Fanis lightning starts appearing and killing various fallen as they see Diablo appear in the sky.

Prior to coming over to the battle Diablo takes out a feather which will allow them to all warp to a place they have already been and will enter the fight right away. Rose gets upset that she will have to stay there and won’t see Diablo again as he tells her she can come along with them since she is classified as one of his items as they teleport back.

All she needed to do to win instead is announce she will fuck whoever gets the most kills. Battle would had ended in minutes as coomer powers are the strongest powers and her whole army would had became overpowered.

After they arrive Rem, Shera, and Rose start fighting the fallen using their new weapons and equipment and see just how strong they have gotten after getting that equipment. Meanwhile Lumachina and Horn help take care of the soldiers that were injured and Lumachina heals them.

When Diablo meets with Fanis she tells him that Varakness claims to be a general for the demon lord and he is able to heal thanks to the girls with him. Diablo sees they all have rings on marking them all as Varakness’s wives. As Varakness starts kissing them in the middle of battle causing Diablo to decide he will just kill all of them for doing that in front of him as well as for trying to claim to be the real demon lord.


After Diablo kills all three of Varakness’s wives he transforms and rages at why Diablo killed them as Diablo tells him that targeting the healers first is always the best tactic as they get ready to fight. Should had went the Keyaru route who would had instead raped his wives in front of him and then had the soldiers rape them as well before finally killing them.

As they fight he is unable to hit Diablo even though he says he is level 160 as Diablo tells him having high levels doesn’t mean anything if you have bad equipment and since the demon lord he serves never gave him decent stuff he is unable to do much with his strength alone. Diablo then shows this by using an illusion item that makes it impossible to hit him during their fight.

After Diablo hits him with a spell, Varakness tries one last chance to win by making his arm shoot out to do a drain attack on Diablo but is stopped when Diablo he cuts his arm off stopping before finishing him off by slicing him up killing him as everyone celebrates.

Fanis throws a party for them for saving the town as Diablo tells her he only did it because he hated the idea of someone fake trying to claim to be the demon lord when he is the only real one around. During the party they notice that Horn is missing as Diablo goes to look for her.

Horn is meeting with her former adventuring party who asks her to hand over any reward money she got as she tells them she had none. As they insult her new group she is with she tries to fight back as they attack her. During this Diablo shows up and beats all of them though we don’t get to see it as it just cuts away to them knocked out. When he asks Horn why she left she said she felt she was useless and didn’t deserve to be with them at the party as she didn’t do anything to help. He tells her no one asked her to leave and that she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to and can remain in their party if she wants as he carries her back as the episode ends.

The end card by Kantoku(カントク) whom posted a clean version without text on their twitter so using that instead of a screenshot of it from the episode. Like the other end card artists for previous episodes they do hentai (which is obvious from the fact that this image uses the famous jav pool) so you can look up their other works to see other things also.



Webm Album.



A really weak episode for service if that is what you were after. The battles would had been fine if the show didn’t feel like it had a really low budget. We still are getting fights that consist of a lot of static image pans along with various other means to avoid showing animation. Starting to really seem clear why this is only 10 episodes and the studio change as they must had wanted to spend less on this season than the first and it shows every episode. We are more than halfway done now and this season really doesn’t feel on the same level as the first in pretty much every aspect.

Next episode could be better though because of what is coming up. Next week in theory should be the Fanis arm titjob scene assuming they don’t cut it or rearrange it. The pv shows a focus on the other characters back at the main town so it seems next episode might be focusing on that a lot which could end up pushing the scene back another week. However the pv does show them meeting with Galford which happens after that scene so logically that means we should reach it. It’s just a question of what they do with the scene since they seem to be keeping it a surprise since they showed nothing of it in the pv assuming of course they do let it happen next week.

So hopefully they deliver something decent in the next episode with the Fanis scene and not screw it up like they have with everything else so far. But with their current track record with this season and how they have handled things I’m going in expecting something to go wrong with it.

So bored with the show at this point. Can’t even think of anything to put in these hidden areas. This really should had gotten a second season years ago instead. At this point it’s too tame to stand out after the stuff we had over the past year. When they started releasing all the gacha games over a year ago is when they should have had this season air instead as that would have at least been before stuff like Healer came around.