Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 11 Fanservice Review

The adventure nears a conclusion

Noir and his harem sucessfully open up a shop together. The only remaining task left is to free Olivia from the death chains. So after a season of basically doing nothing to further the “plot”, we get some development nearing the finale.

Noir enlists the help of his big titty childhood friend in order to free Olivia from the death chains. They must reach the 15th floor of the dungeon and defeat a clone of Olivia in order to do so. Some rude goblins stand in the way.

The goblins are fed poisonous cookies, in part fueled by malice from the offended big tity waifu. Once this area is cleared they’re able to move on to the 15th floor.

Death chains Olivia is very strong, as you can see. Noir is unsure how to defeat her, and has to retreat.

Noir, somewhat battered after his failued dungeon escursion, is reinvigorated by his loving harem. what a lucky guy. He is then able to use the accumulated LP to create the sacrifice skill, which allows him to discard his abilities to gain a boost in attack power.

Unfortunately, Noir’s attempt to defeat the death chains Olivia copy goes terribly wrong and he’s about to fucking die. Maybe. Tune in next time to find out.