Konohana Kitan Fanservice Review episode 3

Episode three appears to conclude the Konohanatei Kitan manga arc, and includes a flurry of brief onsen scenes.


As you can see, these shots are depressingly lacking in potential, other than possibly here and here.  Which is fine I guess, since the predecessor manga these first three episodes are based on had just one nipple sighting (see below):



The bad news is, this frontal exposure shot is nowhere to be found in this episode, at least not as you see it above.  Here’s how it looks in the anime.


Not a great sign.

As stated before, this series is technically based off of two manga.  It was originally released under the name Konohanatei Kitan and lasted a handful of chapters before the publishing magazine folded.  The manga returned several years later under the name Konohana Kitan, for which the anime is named.  The first three episodes adapted Konohanatei Kitan, and have now covered all its chapters.  Everything we have left should be from the Konohana Kitan manga.

I mention this because the nudity level of the series skyrocketed in the latter manga.  And starting next week, we’ll start getting into those chapters.  So while I see some red flags for nipple content early on, it’s still too early to get apprehensive about Lerche dropping the ball.  Maybe they will, but there is still hope left.  The next four or five episodes should contain several scenes that went heavy on nipple sightings in the manga.  Those episodes should give us a clearer picture of what to expect (or not expect) on BD.