Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 3


Love confession time.


This episode returns to having a significant amount of time added to the r18 version. This time there is around a minute and 26 seconds of extra content in the r18 version. Even better yet is that it is all service with this episode beating out even the first one in terms of amount.


Continuing from the end of the previous episode Kuga has pulled Nano into an empty room and has started to do stuff with her. At this point is when the extra scenes for the r18 version start which are skipped for the standard version. Also in the censored version you get to see some animal censorship which looks like the following before displaying the censored warning screen in the standard version.

When watching the r18 version however you get to see it without the animals in the way and the extra scenes which is all of the next stuff.

At this point is when the r18 scenes end and where both versions join up with the standard version resuming here after that previous censored warning screen.

The bell rings and Kuga realizes they have to stop now since they both have to go to class. Nano asks him why he keeps doing stuff to her like she asked before but he still gives no answer. He leaves to head to class while she is left wondering more about him.

A week passes since the previous incident and Nano still hasn’t figured out what to do. She notices that he is the only one that hasn’t turned in his career papers and asks if anyone knows where he is. None of the other girls know but talking with them reveals that he is popular with all the girls in the school but he tends to ignore them.

Nano remembers that he always was hiding on the roof and how when he was new she used to go up there to eat lunch with him. She heads to the roof and finds him there studying in secret.

Kuga asks her why she came to the roof to find him and she talks to him about why they shouldn’t be together. He answers her for all the things she is worried about telling her that they won’t get married till after he graduates so there shouldn’t be a problem with that. He also explains that he plans on working at his dad’s company which explains why he didn’t turn in that career form earlier since he isn’t going to college.

Nano tells him that he shouldn’t marry her just to make his dad happy either. Kuga tells her he wouldn’t marry her just for a reason like that. He then starts to tell her his feelings and why he has done everything he has done up till now.

Nano remembers when she first met him and how she would spend time with him on the roof. Kuga then grabs her and tells her the reason he wants to marry her and everything else is because he has always liked her. The episode then ends at this point.


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This episode returned with the huge increase in time in the r18 version and hopefully this does become a regular thing even if it is only every other episode. The show definitely has a better streak so far than both Souryo or Skirt did with the amount of service we have got in just 3 episodes. Even more important though is that we have got a confession now already which gets us closer to even better service quicker. Hopefully the next episode has Nano return those feelings since once both of them agree is when we should really start to get even more and better service.

Besides the service this episode also gave some rather important back story which puts this along with Souryo on the actual legitimate romance level. Unlike Skirt last season where the characters were strangers to each other Omiai seems to be taking the approach Souryo did by establishing that there was a connection between the two leads prior to the show. This is actually good because it makes the romance aspect seem more believable since we now know that the two of them used to spend time together eating and talking which explains how Kuga came to have feelings for her and isn’t just random and out of the blue. Also this prior connection will make them advancing to the next stage more plausible so hopefully this means the combination of their past together and this early confession we might start getting to sex scenes sooner like what happened in Souryo. Let’s hope this rate of service the show has delivered so far keeps at it because so far Omiai is easily beating out the previous r18 shows we had in every way.

Wonder if there will be a sex scene on the roof at some point? That is certainly a common setting in hentai so why not do it here as well? The place actually has a special meaning to them as well so I would not be surprised if maybe the final episode decides to end with a sex scene on the roof. If that happens I will look like a psychic with this prediction here and will mention it again in the final episode. Of course I’ll probably just forget.