Kyochuu Rettou gets an ova announcement and PV


Even giant bugs can’t stop lewd time.


The other day an announcement was made that Kyochuu Rettou will be getting an ova bundled in with the 6th volume of the manga on June 20th next year. The story is pretty much your standard horror movie stuff with a plane crash during a class trip and everyone finding themselves on an abandoned island that happens to be filled with giant bugs and have to survive. And just like horror movies there is a notable amount of sex and nudity in it. I’ll include some pages of the manga to give an idea of what the source material contains that we may have to look forward to. First is a short pv which doesn’t show much so hopefully a longer one is shown later as we get closer to release.



The staff involved is worth taking note of as this does give some positive news on how they may approach this and more importantly help the chances of it not being toned down. The studio is Passione whom most recently did the new season of DxD so nudity is something obviously not off the table for them. The other staff of note is the director Takeo Takahashi. If you don’t remember him he is the one that directed Aki Sora and Yosuga no Sora as well as some other things such as Dakara H but the first two are the most significant in this case. The fact that he did those means he has no issue with sex scenes so hopefully this means he will push to keep that content in which will help the chances of the sexual content not being toned down.

No length for the ova was stated but we can assume it will probably just be a standard 30 minute one. What I really hope though is that this serves as a prelude to an actual anime series as there is quite a bit of service in the manga that the ova will obviously not reach plus I always want to see more horror anime made. One important thing to point out though is that the manga is a horror manga through and through and not for the queasy. Characters both men and women are killed and ripped apart in very gory fashion as well as other things I’ll avoid for spoiler reasons. There is nudity and sex but remember this is still a horror manga so be prepared for that. Have you ever fapped to a horror movie before? That is what you should ask yourself and if the answer is yes than you should be fine. If you can fap to say friday the 13th or any other horror movies with sex in them despite the death and blood happening throughout the movie then you should be well equipped for this.

Of course this all assumes they wont tone this down and remove the nudity and on screen sex like other horror manga have *looks at King’s Game*. However the fact that this is an ova included with the manga should hopefully mean they are making this for the audience that are already fans and consumers of the series rather than trying to get new ones. So in theory that should mean they would have little reason to tone this down in an effort to get mainstream appeal. Considering the staff as well it gives me some hope things should be fine but guess we just have to wait and see. Maybe we will get a longer pv later that will show some of the service stuff so it can be confirmed if that will be present.

Some of the pages to give you an idea on content. There is more nudity than just this so this is just a small portion of it it overall.



The manga is still going on and has just gotten a new artist as well so the manga can resume so there is enough content to create a full series if they choose down the line. In case you don’t know the manga has been on break for a while now and with the release of the new version of chapter 21 the reason why was explained. The artist redice had some health issues and they were continuing to get worse according to the author so the decision was made to change artists so that the series can continue on. The newest chapter is actually a remake of the last chapter released which was 21 as well. This makes sense considering the artist change. The last chapter in volume 5 was 20 so volume 6 would be starting with 21 and since the original artist did get 21 done previously it would be odd to release the 6th volume with the original artist doing the first chapter of the volume and the new doing the others.

As a result there are two versions of chapter 21 with two different artists. Fortunately the new artist is the guy that did the various Grisaia manga and the first one of those did have a bunch of nudity and sex in it so that means there should be no concern with this manga getting toned down. The new art will take awhile to get used to but at least it’s continuing on. Also based on the way the author was talking in the first page of the newest chapter it sounds like the manga isn’t ending soon so that is good news since it increases the chances of this getting a full series down the line as long as the manga is still ongoing. Now lets hope they don’t mess the ova up when it comes out next year.

I actually was planning on doing a comp of this for halloween month for multiple years now. However I kept pushing it back because I only want to do a manga comp when it is over and for a bunch of times it did feel like the manga was close to ending so I just figured I would wait till next october in hopes it would be over. Yet despite this the series continued on and I never got to make a comp yet of it and now we get the ova announcement. Guess I’ll do one early if they announce a full anime of it at some point.