Conception fanservice review episode 12


It’s finally over.


So after going through this for 12 weeks the final episode surely delivered right? Of course not. The final episode had no service at all so unless you like seeing mech fights there isn’t anything here. This show has been one giant disappointment but this is the last one and then we can just forget it ever existed.

Itsuki heads into the final dungeon and tells Alfie and all the children to stay outside so they can handle things in case something happens. Meanwhile Mahiru and the others are told about Itsuki having to sacrifice himself to stop the 13th lord and to start the ritual to turn him into a star ward. Inside Itsuki says he has changed his mind and isn’t going to sacrifice himself but to instead find another way to beat the lord.

As itsuki is fighting the final boss the ritual activates and he begins to turn into a star ward since the others don’t know he has changed his mind about it. As it is about to complete Mahiru stops and refuses to continue with it. She asks if there is another way and the king says there was as Mirei explains that she found some documents that said if Itsuki fully bonds with all the girls that should create enough power to defeat the final boss without him having to die. They point out that they don’t know what those requirements to fully bond are but they are willing to take that chance to save Itsuki as the king gives them permission to try this other method.

In case you are thinking this would had been a good way for them to give some service in the final episode best abandon all hope. Would had been interesting if the method to fully bond was to have actual sex with all the girls instead of just holding hands with them like he has been doing so far but unfortunately that is not the case. After the ritual is stopped Itsuki can move again only to be knock away by the final boss as it goes to leave the dungeon.


Alfie and the children see the final boss come out as the children tell Alfie’s daughter to stay back and protect her while the rest of them go to fight the final boss. As they get ready to fight the girls appear and combine their powers with each of the children which allows for all the kids to fuse together and turn into giant robots to fight the final boss.


Itsuki gets out of the rubble having been saved by jar jar binks using a barrier spell on him. She gives him a potion which when drank restores all his strength as he runs back out of the dungeon to help the others. While the children are fighting the final boss Itsuki shows up and fights also.


While fighting the final boss it shoots some lasers at him which results in Alfie jumping in front of him and getting hit instead. First off the final boss clearly shoots 6 lasers yet Itsuki only uses 3 beams to shoot back so what did he think would happen? Hit two in one go each time? More importantly if he had time to do that he also had time to do what anyone else would do when shot at and can see it coming which is step out of the way since it’s not like anyone was behind him to protect. Not only that the lasers are not homing lasers otherwise they would not had hit Alfie and would had hit him still so dodging was a completely valid move. Long story short let’s just make this death feel as forced as possible and completely avoidable.

Alfie gets impaled by the laser and has the usual jrpg death scene you would expect as she dies and her body fades away because of her being a star child. So I guess this means she was born the magic hand holding way since normal people don’t fade away when killed. Itsuki does what you expect from this type of stuff and becomes powered up since killing someone the main character likes always makes them gain a shit ton of levels out of the blue.

Everyone does the usual right before the final battle jrpg speech in which each person says why they have to stop the final boss and all that. The girls then combine their powers with the children and Itsuki resulting in the children and their 3 mech forms forming a single strong one which Itsuki fuses with as well. After attacking the final boss it switches to it’s true form and we see it’s the main guy from Overlord.

Itsuki tries attacking the final boss’s true form only for his attacks to reflect back. Final boss then traps him in his tentacles and starts to electrocute him as Alfie’s child decides to start joining the fight and turns into a trident that breaks Itsuki free for him to use to finish the final boss off and kill it. Considering Alfie was an anime original character I assume the final battle in the actual game plays out much differently since some of these events couldn’t occur. After beating the final boss he then sees all the children as they say goodbye and complete their mission by killing the final boss by sacrificing themselves.

Itsuki returns and is congratulated by the king. Later that night Mahiru says she will be returning to their world the next day and asks if he is going to be staying there. Itsuki tells her he decided he would head home as well as they head off to the portal to leave.

As they get ready to enter the portal everyone else says their goodbyes and gives them presents so they can remember this terrible show by.


Just as they enter the portal everyone else decides they won’t let them leave without them as everyone else runs and jumps into the portal after them. Also Alfie and the children come back to life and jump into the portal as well along with jar jar binks human form.

Everyone arrives in the real world now as Itsuki asks Alfie how her and the children are alive. They don’t give an answer of course they seriously just say “we were revived somehow” because who cares the story for this show was bad enough that they don’t even need to try at this point. Everyone else then shits themselves at seeing the human form of the very thing that pretty much ruined the show from the start. I can’t even view the real jar jar binks more annoying than this fuck. Afterwards Mahiru tells everyone they can live at her house as they all leave to see our world for the first time.

Did you see it? Only those that played Conception 2 would notice it though. In the pew to the left is the main character and main female from Conception 2. Guess this is the director’s way of trying to have Wake and Fuuko canon. I went for Ellie in the game so I refuse to accept his canon. Also this show probably would had been better if it was based on Conception 2 instead.

After seeing what everyone is doing in the world it switches to a church showing Itsuki marrying all the girls and getting a harem ending instead of just picking one. Why the church is fine with this in our world who knows. They also don’t include a scene of Itsuki signing up for welfare as he has no way to support that many wives which he has 13 children with. Since the first game never came out in english I have no idea if the first game had a harem ending in it but Conception 2 did have one which you could get after having beaten the game multiple times and got the ending for each of all the girls first so I guess they decided to just do a harem ending for this. And with that the show ends with him having an orgy with all of them. Or I should say if the show actually did that and showed it then it might had at least redeemed the show a little bit but no it doesn’t happen but hey at least it’s now over.



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Most videogame adaptions tend to be bad but there have been some decent ones which demonstrate it is possible to make something based on a videogame work if you put actual effort into it such as when Gonzo did Akiba’s Trip 2 years ago. As a result there was no reason for this show to be as bad as it was not only because Gonzo showed they could do an anime based on a videogame well before but also considering what they could had done with Conception based on what the games already provided and could had expanded on. This show should had went the Masou HxH and Shinmai route but they didn’t. Keep in mind that though the characters are not actually having sex when they make children in this like I have pointed out before but also like I pointed out before the games still provided imagination symbolic sex scenes with the girls as silhouettes during the hand holding parts. The first episode started by showing silhouettes of the girls in various sexual poses which gave me hope this feature from the games would transfer over to the show but it did not.

They easily could had turned this into something on the level of other shows if during the rituals they had shown imagination sex scenes occurring while the characters held hands much like the games do but unlike the games the anime could had made the girls not be silhouettes. Even if they went the barbie doll nudity route that still would had made it more lewd than the games but they didn’t and instead they treated the ritual segments as almost an afterthought speeding through them as quick as possible. It really says something when the game is actually more lewd than the anime itself ended up being. 

Pretty much everything about the show was terrible from the story to the voice acting to the service which in a way matches the games themselves except for one thing and that is the games at least become tolerable because of the service. Since the first game never came out here I can’t comment on that but Conception 2 by all accounts is a terrible game to play with a huge amount of issues however despite this the service and the girl’s routes actually saved it and gave you a reason to tolerate the terrible gameplay and experience just so you could reach these good parts. In short Conception 2 saved itself from being a bad game by providing interesting stuff with the girls and service and that is what this show needed to do.

If you know you are making an anime that had terrible source material then the first thing you need to ask yourself is “How can I make it tolerable?” a question the staff for this did not ask themselves. Someone should had looked at this show and realized an anime was not going to work so at the very least they could just go all out with the lewd to give it some saving grace. I said this in a previous post as well but I can tolerate anything as long as it provides decent service so even if the show is complete shit if it provides the goods I won’t hate it. I could had ignored every flaw with the show if they had did that but instead I sat through 12 weeks of garbage holding out hope it would deliver something good at one point but hope never came. The only time we saw some semblance of what this show should had been was episode 8. That episode had the most service and did not take things seriously and was probably the most enjoyable episode in the whole show. Had they made all the episodes like that with them getting progressively more lewd with each one this could had turned into a decent show.

At the end of the day this show was just an ad for the remaster of the first game that comes out next month in japan. Honestly though for me this ended up having the opposite effect of what they intended. Prior to watching the show I did have interest in getting the first game if it did come out here since despite the issues with Conception 2 I didn’t regret playing it and though I would had rather had a 3rd game I would still take the first as well. Now however this show has tainted the game and characters to the point that I have lost all interest in it. First impressions count for a lot and when your first impression of these characters, the game’s world, and everything else about it is an anime that is as bad as this was it pretty much chases you off.

Who knows maybe the first game is actually good but after watching this show it would be impossible to get the memories of this show erased and as a result I lost any interest in playing the first game and I do wonder how many others will end up doing the same thing because I can’t see this show having actually succeeded in getting people interested in the series as much as it did chase them away. Guess it doesn’t matter though as I wouldn’t be surprised if sony made them censor something out of the remaster as I’m sure they probably consider handholding too lewd for that family friendly image they now are pursuing unlike the wholesome family fun of glamorizing extreme violence because that is okay but hand holding holy shit that could lead to pregnancy.

Probably should end this wall of text now since all of the final episode final thoughts from me end up being long in these posts. Thankfully this show is over now and we don’t have to deal with it anymore. I doubt the BDs will actually sell so even if they do end up having something in them which I highly doubt they will we probably will never hear about it anyway since no one will have them. Now that this is over the only thing left is senran’s final episode which will surely help heal from all of this by delivering on a final bit of-……..*starts having feelings of despair*.

These posts probably took the longest show posts I have ever done and the reason why is simple. The complete lack of motivation. In many cases I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the episode till almost a week later let alone work on the posts. Such a terrible show and hopefully I never end up making the mistake of covering something on this level of bad again.