Grenadier TV Fanservice Review Episode 4:

Let continue with the anime review where oppai can dodge bullets!! (^_^)

Hello everyone, let’s continue with the anime where guns and oppai is the main thing!! In this episode, Rushuna and Yajiro is performing on the streets to make some money so that they can afford somewhere to take a bath. XD Unfortunately, they couldn’t make a killing.

And so, they had no other choice but to find a place to sleep far from the town. XD Luckily for them, a little girl came to gave them some food to survive.

The next day while they were performing at the streets again, some thugs with their leader looking like Usopp from One Peice suddenly appeared. XD Will the nose like Usopp be smelling Ruhuna’s boobs like One Piece? Stay tuned to find out more!!

Eventually, they got into a duel with the leader taking a very big Gatling gun. However, Rushuna finished him off by firing just one bullet. XD

Everyone was delighted with Rushuna defeating the thugs. And so, they all get their bath together. (^_^) Yeah, Yajiro was bathing together with Rushuna too.

Yajiro probably fapped too much that he fainted after leaving the bath. XD While they were staying at the little girl’s place overnight, the jester was watching from afar.

As they continue with their journey the next day, the thug leader came back to ambush them.  Rushuna’s oppai can really dodge bullets no matter how many bullets are fired towards her. (^_-)

After defeating the thug leader and his gang, Rushuna was shocked when she learnt that there’s a bounty on her. While she was distracted by the news, the thug leader took this opportunity to attempt another attack but Yajiro saved Rushuna in the nick of time. (^_^)

That is all from this episode, hoped you guys are enjoying the fanservice from this anime!! Thanks for reading everyone and stay tuned for more fanservice in the following episodes of this anime!! (^^)v