Girls Bravo Episode 7 DVD fanservice review

Time to find that special husband! Then bring him back to Seiren!

We start today’s episode with Maharu! She has ordered Tomoka and Koyomi to fetch a potential husband! Our bath scene starts with her as well!


Well, Tomoka was prepared, however all her potential objects to attract a husband, has been switched with Ebi. Ebi is this little plushie looking creature, and the new mascot for the series. We will learn a lot more about Ebi later, but for now he is slippery as hell. Miharu wants to eat him for dinner, as she is always hungry.

Spurred by Tomoka’s childish personality, Koyomi is forced to have a contest to see who catches a man first. Risa believes that Koyomi’s sole mission on earth is to snag Yukinari away from her. So she sends lots of males her way! Kirie wants to help Koyomi attract males buy using the local car/motorcycle exhibit for photos. Giving us the best ass shot for Season 1!

Tomoka uses fake tears! It’s super effective on Fukuyama. At this point Fukuyama or Tomoka has yet to meet eachother, so Tomoka thinks Fukuyama is the best husband available. Little did she know, that Fukuyama is a pervert.

Fukuyama gets rejected, and both Tomoka and Koyomi are back to square one. . .


Stitches – ScissorMeTimbers – credit to that man



See  you next time! -E101EPiC