Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 10 & 11:

Time is running out, it’s time to go all out!! 

Episode 10:

Hello everyone!! Let’s continue with the review of Amagi Brilliant Park where the story is getting back to the critical side of the park. The episode begins with every cast of the park doing their very best to entertain the visitors. (^_^)

Seiya and Isuzu is also busy touring around, checking on the upgrades to attract visitors. XD

Later, Tricen informs Seiya and Isuzu that a TV crew has arrived to film some local news about the park. Well, a nice rack is important to attract more viewers!! XD

After working out for the whole day, Isuzu and the Amaburi mascots all went out to let of some steam and was joined by the Elementario fairies.

The next day, princess Latifah fainted in front of Isuzu while she was helping her making croquettes. Seiya was informed that princess Latifah faints often because of an Animus-draining curse on her and the Amagi Brilliant Park was built to keep her alive.

From the beginning of the story, Aminus is a power generated by the fun had by humans.  It is a power that keeps the Maple Landers alive. And if the park closes, she’ll die even faster as there will be no Animus coming in for her. (T^T) To know more in details, please watch this anime!! (^_-)

Seiya recalled the meeting with the princess when he was young, but she looked exactly the same then. Moffle told him that the curse not only affects her health, but also resets her memories and physical development every year. With only 10 days left before the deadline, Seiya came up with a hopeful plan to attract enough visitors for the park!!

Episode 11: 

In a general meeting, Seiya reveals his plan to reached the required amount of visitors in 10 days time, which involves hosting an All-Star soccer match at the Amaburi Stadium. XD They managed to convince and strike a deal with the local football team to play an important match at their stadium.

After that, Seiya informs the all the cast that in order for the plan to work out, a large unused area of the park grounds must be sold to raise funds to pay for their expenses and financial problems. All the cast agree with it and continue to work hard for the preparations for the soccer match and attracting visitors.

Finally, it’s crunch time as everyone is working hard to get the park ready for the event. However, with all the visitors counted and a few hours left to the deadline, Seiya is shocked to know that the park is still short of 252 visitors to reach their goal.

With only a few hours left to go before the park closes for good, what will they do?? Stay tuned for the following episode of fanservice review to find out more and what happens next!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v