Conception fanservice review episode 11


The best present for Christmas will be when this ends.


A Christmas themed episode that brought some service back even if it is only a small amount at the beginning. Other than that this episode sets things up for the final dungeon and the end. Also still no telling if the BD will provide anything of worth but not really expecting much.

The ritual that was started with the end of the previous episode is continued here at the start. The big main thing is that the scene much like some others like it is filled with censorship. However we have yet to see anything so far that would indicate that there would actually be anything here on BD. The censorship will possibly be removed though I’m not fulling writing off the possibility they keep it and the whole thing is just “by censoring we make it seem more naughty” angle. However even if it is removed we have no guarantee there will be any actual nudity underneath and in fact it it looks more along the lines of trolling if anything.

In the scene when he pulls her dress down we see in the very next scene that her dress is still on and covering her breasts and all he did was pull it down to her shoulders. So why did they feel the need to censor the scene after this then? This whole thing might just end up being excessive censorship for something that had no reason to be censored or like I theorized just done on purpose to make it seem more lewd than it really is. It’s best to just take the expect nothing approach to this and if by chance it does have something then we get a surprise but I have little reason to believe this actually will deliver anything.

After making a child with Alfie they take her to the others. Itsuki notes how something about the child seems different compared to the others as Alfie collapses having gotten sick. Meanwhile the king discusses calling Itsuki to the castle to explain something to him that they have kept secret so far.

Later Itsuki is out trying to find something to make Alfie better and realizes that this world celebrates something like Christmas as well. He then sees a stand selling 80’s idol stuff and buys some things for her. Itsuki is then told to come to the castle alone as jar jar binks follows to find out what is going on. The king tells Itsuki that the 13th dungeon lord is unable to be beaten and the only way to stop it is to reseal it away. However the only way to seal it is to sacrifice himself so in order to stop the final boss Itsuki will have to die. He leaves the castle depressed thinking on what to do now. Why he doesn’t just ask how all the previous visitors were able to accomplish it without dying who knows seeing as how the king himself was a former person that went through the same thing.

Would had been better if this was used as an announcement of a port for Switch instead by giving her a non existent Switch version. Can’t imagine the game not just being a giant black screen for the entire game on ps4. Unless it is filled with large amounts of gore and blood because that is totally acceptable by sony. Remember kids showing skin in a ps4 game is only allowed if that skin is being ripped off someone. “Thank fuck you at least didn’t get me that piece of shit playstation classic”

After sitting in town and watching the people go about their Christmas shopping he realizes he should go and get everyone presents. So he runs around giving gifts to all the previous girls. Eventually he gives Mahiru a new keychain like the one he gave her long ago since the old one has gotten worn down while making implied statements that he won’t be able to return home with her. Eventually they get interrupted by jar jar binks though.

The next day he goes to visit Alfie and give her the presents he got her. He then asks about while their child is so different from the others as Alfie tells him it’s because she was a star child as well. She tells him that she is the daughter of a previous visitor and a maiden from 3o years ago and that she has lost her star child powers now because of the ritual which is why she had gotten sick. They don’t explain though if she is an actual child or just another magic one born from hand holding though. Also surprised they didn’t make a Christmas cake joke since she has revealed herself to be a 30 year old woman in a Christmas episode of all things.


I’m guessing this is supposed to be a parody of something and considering Alfie’s obsession with the 80s and idols I’m assuming something from that time period in japan. So since most of us weren’t born on the moon whatever this whole segment is supposed to be a reference to I have no idea. Probably music videos or something I would guess.

After the stuff with Alfie, Itsuki returns back to his room to prepare for the final battle the next day. During this time he gives jar jar binks a present and asks for confirmation that she is a girl. He then decides to fuck it since dying from aids from fucking animals is a much better fate than being in this show any longer or maybe he just holds hands as well doesn’t matter at this point. Also pay special attention to the shadow in the screen as she is watching him sleep. I alluded to this way back in episode 1 but in case you only just figured it out now she has a human form. As for if we will see it in the final episode who knows. The next morning Itsuki gets up and says he has accepted what needs to be done and will be heading to the 13th dungeon to end things as the episode ends.



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So we get a Christmas episode and a small bit of service in the episode as well. I really have no expectations for the BD and these censored scenes we keep getting. Considering the show tries to act self aware at times you would think they would at the very least be blunt about the censorship and say something like “Buy the BD to see it all” and make a joke about it. Not only would it be in line with other jokes made but it would at the very least confirm to people that it would actually be uncensored. Like I said though I am leaning towards either there not being anything of worth underneath if it is actually uncensored or it won’t be at all and the censorship is meant to be a joke or whatever.

In a previous episode Itsuki even complains about seeing stuff instead of leaving it to the imagination which felt like the director self projecting his own views onto a character and if that is the way the director thinks I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all a troll. Hard to say what they will do with the final episode since it’s not like we have seen much dungeon or boss battles before. Since there are no more rituals left as well since it seems like each girl is only used once and that is it there isn’t going to be many options for service either. Maybe they will actually try to end this by doing something unique and make the final episode similar to episode 8 which was the only one that really felt like they knew what they were doing service wise but I’m not expecting it. Only one more episode of this left and then it can all end.

If they wanted to at least try and do something that would make the show memorable then they should have had him actually fuck all the girls for real in this episode. Since he was told he was going to die he could had used that as justification for it. Simply give a short actual sex scene with each girl and the show would have something to remember it by besides being terrible. Of course it would had ended up being censored like crazy but at least that would give people a reason to care about the BD.