Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 11


Not much time for lewd when you’re in the middle of the final battle.


Another episode more focused on story and fighting. There is some nudity this episode however two of the three instances is just recycled transformation nudity we have already seen with the third being just a very quick minor pan. Everything seems to be relying on the final episode next week to deliver the last bit of significant service. Based on the next episode’s title and the fact that most of the story should be done hopefully next week can make up for this week’s.

Fubuki mentions how the stronger shinobi at the kikai dome should soon be dead and the only thing left to take care of are the students here (guess she forgot about the New Wave characters that are elsewhere) as more youma come out of the portal into the world. This is also the first time we see Daidoji actually in the show since previously we only had an image of her appear in everyone’s heads as they talked about her a few episodes ago.

Yumi and Naraku arrive after the previous episode as Naruka leaves to take Kagura somewhere safe. Meanwhile Yumi gets ready to fight the youma as everyone else shows up to help out.

While everyone else takes care not to kill the youma when fighting they notice Miyabi doesn’t care and is still trying to kill them even after being told not to. At this point Asuke shows up to use her sealing skill and is able to send the youma away before Miyabi is able to finish them off. Katsuragi is able to stop Miyabi by pointing out that letting Asuka seal them would be the quickest method since taking time to kill all of them would take too long as a way to convince Miyabi to let Asuka handle it. Seems like missed potential again that we didn’t get nudity of the youma considering an excuse could had been made that since they weren’t trying to kill them this lead to their clothes being destroyed.

Annoying motion blur making it impossible to make a good stitch.

After realizing they need to get all the youma in one place so Asuka can seal them, Katsuragi decides to tie some of the others up and use them as bait to get all the youma in one location. When this works Asuka is able to seal all of the remaining youma after they converge on that location.

After sealing all the youma the others notice something wrong with Asuka as they learn about what is happening to her body a she uses that skill. Rasetsu then shows up and starts to attack everyone knocking them away as Fubuki orders her to break Asuka’s hands so that she can’t do the signs needed to use the sealing skill again.

Yumi is able to stop Rasetsu leading to Fubuki heading after her to fight. As Rasetsu tries to follow she gets stopped by Homura and Miyabi to fight instead. At this point we then get some more flashback stuff.

We get to see Fubiki’s mother and how she was able to beat any shinobi that come after her. At that point her father appears as they fight for a bit. Her father eventually tells her mother that he was able to convince the leaders to leave Fubuki alone on the condition that he seal her away since no one else can kill her. She agrees on this being the best method as he uses the skill to seal her away only to die right after as well in front of Fubuki (guess her dad never played monster girl quest otherwise he would know there are ways to play this situation out and still save your monster girl waifu like luka did).

They don’t really explain anything about her dad or if he is supposed to be just some random guy or not. Maybe they will go into more detail later but it really feels like since they took the time to give him a design rather than someone generic or faceless that he is supposed to be important. It’s possible they might never say anything about it but it really feels like he could be the other baby we saw in that flashback episode with Yumi’s grandfather. Having him really be Kurokage’s other son and thus making Yumi and Fubuki cousins would make sense from a story perspective. Especially since Homura commented in the previous episode on how she wondered what kind of person would had been strong enough to seal Fubuki’s mother so the emphasis on his strength seems like an important detail and being Kurokage’s son would make that strength make sense.

After her mother is sealed away and father dies after using it the other remaining shinobi appear to capture Fubuki only for Rasetsu to run in and save her before running away. While she collapses from her injuries Yumi’s grandfather finds her and she asks him to watch over Fubuki till her injuries heal so that she can protect her herself since she trusts him due to him being a rouge shinobi. He agrees as Rasetsu runs off and he takes Fubuki in to raise.

I skipped the transformation scene since it is just a copy paste of the previous time we saw it but this is the only other nude scene besides another transformation later on.

During their fight we get constant flashbacks to the time Fubuki and Yumi spent together when they were younger after her grandfather took her in to raise.

While the others continue to keep Rasetsu busy, Yumi and Fubuki continue fighting as we see a flashback to when Fubuki left. After Rasetsu healed and came to pick Fubuki back up Kurokage gives Fubuki the pin that Asuka’s grandfather had given him long ago. He tells Fubuki to not go down the same path he did and let her hatred take control of her and to always look at that pin whenever she feels like she is losing herself to her hate

Yumi points out to Fubuki that since she still has that pin that means she hasn’t become completly filled with hate like she claims while also pointing out that she has had plenty of chances to kill her but hasn’t proven that she can still be saved. Fubuki then activates her powers further as Yumi does her other transformation as well (again just a copy and past of the previous time so no use including the nudity from it) as they both run towards each other to finish fighting as the episode ends.



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It feels like episodes always seem to rotate from having service in one then little if any in the next. Hopefully this means the final episode delivers in a big way then. The next episode’s title is called Hometown which is obviously a reference to the Life and Hometown quote once said by Takaki so we can assume this may be a hint towards the next episode being service heavy even if the short preview doesn’t indicate as much. Since the last of the fights will be happening here maybe we will finally get some new transformation scenes for other characters since everyone is still in their robes so that would be a good way to get everyone in their identifiable clothing for the last episode.

The main thing is how much time is going to be left for everything afterwards. What I really don’t want to see happen is something similar to Valkyrie Drive where the show pretty just ended right after the final battle completed. The only parts after were played with the credits rolling and the show didn’t really get a downtime with the characters after it. If this happens again with Senran that will be especially annoying if they do decide to give us a new hotsprings scene with everyone but have it play with credits on top of it. Ideally they would have all the remaining story stuff wrap up in the first half which would allow for the second to consist of everything slowly going back to normal. This would also provide enough time to get some final service in with everyone before it ends.

Storywise there shouldn’t be too much for them left to do so there shouldn’t be a need for anymore flashbacks cutting into the time. What I’m hoping for is that they rush through the obvious Fubuki learns her lesson stuff and get things over with so they can use the rest of the episode to end the show on a lighthearted happy note. That is the main thing I really want to happen and that is ending the show on nudity and fanservice as that would be a fitting way to wrap things up since the final part of a show is what you remember the most and concluding the show on one of the main appeals of the show would be a fitting end.

All these monster girls and no nudity of them is a crime. Seriously what the fuck is this? Why would you deny monster girl lovers their nudity. Also like I said before when monster girls are on screen they should be raping someone. After that episode of Venus Blood came out on the same day as this episode aired that makes my statements all the more fitting. Really if you haven’t seen that go and do so since it has a brief monster girl reverse rape scene in it. I will continue to hope for the day we get an entire hentai ova focused on that stuff and for and actual normal anime to have it as well. They no problems with other stuff so why can’t we see monster girls showing people how they show love.