Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon BD Fanservice Review: Episode 1

It’s a fantastic anime with FANTASTHICC bodies!! (^^)b

The story takes place in the year 1648 of the Testament Era (a distant future) where people are forced to lived in giant airship due to some calamitous events which some parts of the Earth’s environment has become hostile. Since then, the refugees from the Far East boards and now lived in a ship city- Mushashi which constantly travels around Japan.

The episode begins with the students in Musashi Ariadust Academy are challenged by their homeroom teacher, Makiko to land a hit on her before she reaches her office across the town.

Despite all their unique abilities and efforts, they still couldn’t land a hit on her and none of them succeed. By time she reaches the office, she even defeats a monster in front of her students.

At the end of their homeroom teacher lessons, Tori Aoi  the class president and the chancellor of Mushashi finally arrives. XD While, Mikako asked him about his reasons for being late, he simply replied that he went out to buy a newly released erotic game. XD While it is infuriating to the teacher, he went further to grope her boobs and announced to everyone in the class that he will be confessing to his childhood friend Horizon Ariadust.

His announcement confuses everyone as it was known that Horizon had died for 10 years ago. (It appears that there’s an Android that resembles Horizon and later turned out that she is indeed Horizon herself) For whatever he says, Tori eventually still has to face the music for what he has done. XD

That’s all for the fanservice review for the very first episode of this anime. Please stay tuned for more as things is just going to get better and better!! Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v