Tejina-senpai: Fanservice Review Episode 1

Magic, magic, magic


Tejina-senpai (or The Magical Senpai) is that kind of series where your average, nerd-ish, I-don’t-wanna-work Main Character just stumbles into a random room at school and gets kidnapped by a girl that wants him to join her (often weird) club.


This time it’s about a boob-tastic weirdo with huge… qualities, a kink for magic tricks,┬ástage fright and an absolute lack of skills on legerdemain.

(Well played)


So… enjoy Assistant-kun dealing with his Senpai’s random ideas and failed magic tricks while she becomes the butt-monkey of her own tricks.


Also, here are some screencaps from the Ending, seems promising?




The WebM in this review
are courtesy of Kay

Overall thoughts: I would’t expect too much, but there may be a fanservice surprise or two later on. While we are here, feel free to check the manga fanservice compilation, to see what this anime will offer us in the future.