Tejina Senpai (Magical Senpai) manga fanservice compilation

Whether it is magical senpai or bakunyuu senpai, both works as it pleases the audience!! (^^)/

Status: Ongoing

Introduction: Tejina Senpai is a gag-manga that has its fair share of ecchi elements inside. Most of the funny part in this manga comes from the attempted magic tricks which fails hilariously because of her stage fright problems. XD As mentioned by Nox who put up the good work for this manga before but is currently MIA right now, this manga is indeed worth reading if you like good illustrations with a cute and funny story in it. (^^)b Currently, Tejina Senpai was adapted into a TV animation series and broadcasting starts on 2nd July 2019!! Hopefully all the fanservice elements especially the nipple sightings in the manga can be found in the upcoming anime too!! (^_^)

Vol 1:


Vol 2:


Vol 3: 


Vol 4:


Vol 5: 


That’s all for the manga fanservice compilation for now. Thanks to IHaveNoName for providing the download links for the manga.Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone!! Please stay tuned for this upcoming anime which airs on July and also its fanservice review!! (^^)v