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Triage X  (19 volumes, ongoing)





(Thoughts originally posted in 2014):

Given mainstream fame for his breakout hit High School of the Dead and it’s subsequent anime adaptation by MADHOUSE, Shoji Sato would later go on to kick start 2nd and 3rd manga efforts in 2009 (Triage X and FIRE FIRE FIRE).  All three of Sato’s works contain remarkably well drawn nudity and extreme fanservice while maintaining a stylish cinematic-action style of storytelling.

For all the attention High School of the Dead gets, it was actually pretty light on nudity, and amazingly, the manga was even lighter on nudity than the anime was.  Triage X was Sato’s second Manga effort, and it appears he agrees with me that his previous work would have been better with more nudity, seeing as the nudity level goes up substantially here.  Every single volume had at least 1 nipple sighting, most had pointless bathing scenes, and there was no shortage of groping or boob play.

While the story of Triage X is a bit on the sketchy side, it’s no worse than most action anime to get the anime production green light, and there’s no doubt that Sato has a gift for hollywood-esque action-drama stylings.

When Sato hasn’t been busy writing three different mangas he’s been working hard as a hentai artist under the pen name INAZUMA.  He even founded the hentai artists group Digital Accel Works.  There’s a reason this guy is a favorite of the founders at FAKKU, that same super sexy style seen in High School of the Dead is translated over to the hentai side in equal quality.  Which just makes their occasional uncensored / decensored hentai efforts that much more mind-blowing.  I highly recommend checking out his hentai works if you haven’t already.

With all due respect to the legendary Hiraku Kaneko, I think Shoji Sato draws the best pair of boobs in the industry.  Whether it’s in anime form, manga form, or hentai form, they all look simply amazing.  In fact, I think it would be great if more hentai artists would try to cross over.  I’m looking at you, Pinvise.

I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be if Sato dedicated himself to a true ecchi series in the mold of High School DXD  or Ikkitousen .  Here’s hoping that some day he’ll give it a go when he gets tired of drawing action manga.