Miru Tights: Fanservice Review Episode 3

When you are in a tight situation…


This time around we go with ripped tights. Because Homi (the tomboy) apparently ripped hers strolling around. Ren (the only sane one) rips hers trying to keep Homi from showing the goodies to their classmate (apparently there’re males too, I just never noticed them…) and Yua (the thot girly one) ripped hers because she stayed up all night being a thot cosplaying for her fans and put them on sloppily in the morning.


So, they get ahold of some backup tights (Seriously? Someone goes around with backup tights? Or they bought them from the school store? What’s this debauchery?) but but one way or the other Yua rip her tights again, and then she rips Ren’s ones too, and things go downhill fast (into a catfight).


Well… an eye for an eye and tights for tights.




Overall thoughts: Pink, Black, White. Pantsu that is…