Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 11


Curing regrets with lewdness.


The good news is they skipped the next chapter which had no service. The bad news however is that they also skipped the chapter after that as well which is the best chapter where Kichou and Kitsuno watch porn. The second good news though is that the chapter after that also has nudity in it and that is the chapter they used for this episode. The service this time is mainly focused on Yuri but that also means uncensored nudity.

As they are heading to the classroom Yuri yells at Nobunaga that her breasts are feeling strange again just like before and needs him to take care of them. However she doesn’t want to go through what happened before and wants him to find a different solution.

 You could stand up to those if you were naked.

Everyone meets in the classroom so they can talk about what to do to solve the problem with Yuri. All they know is that she keeps wanting to have her breasts sucked and they can’t figure out why or how to stop it. When Ranma is asked if he feels the same way he tells them all he cares about is marrying Nobunaga since that was his regret in life. They then realize that regrets are the main thing everyone that has appeared have in common. Kichou regretting not ever having children, Kitsuno regretting not getting married to him, and the same thing applying to Ranma as well meaning having regrets is what results in someone from the past showing up. So they decide if they can fulfill the regrets each person had when they were alive than they can pass on and won’t posses anyone anymore.

Since they don’t know what the regrets for the two people that possess Yuri and Mayu are they decide the only option is to ask them but in order to do that they need to get them to appear first. Since Yuri gets taken over when her breasts are grabbed she agrees to let Nobunaga touch them so they can call the person that takes over her out so they can ask what her regret is.

 Should get naked too so she doesn’t feel embarrassed.

All those different types of loops I felt I needed to make.

After Yuri passes out from being touched she eventually wakes up with her being possessed like they had planned. Mayu after watching this also ends up having her person take possession of her as well after getting jealous watching Nobunaga touching Yuri’s breasts. Since they now have both people called out they ask them what their regrets in life were.

Yuri tells them that she likes having her breasts sucked and after Nobunaga died and his son grew up she no longer had anyone around to do it and that is her regret.

 Think about why are not naked yet.

 Was worried he was going to take the glasses off and make me rage. 

When the person possessing Mayu is asked about her regret she refuses to tell them saying she is afraid she will be hated and then proceeds to give Mayu her body back as she returns to normal after running away. Nobunaga then grabs her breasts as a way to call her back so that they can make her answer.

 Draw yourself naked instead.

After getting her to take control of Mayu again they are able to convince her to tell them her regret. She admits that she used to watch the real Nobunaga and the guy that is currently possessing Ranma fucking back in the day. As she watched them she used to draw it as well but she had one regret about that and it was that she always saw Nobunaga fucking Ranma and not the other way around. So her biggest regret in life is that she never got to see Nobunaga getting fucked in the ass by Ranma so she could draw it. So he is told that if he wants to help her pass on and leave Mayu’s body he has to let Ranma fuck him while she watches and draws it which he refuses and the episode ends.



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We got a decent amount of nudity in this episode so that was nice and made up for last week but I’m still saddened that they skipped the very chapter I was looking forward to and I had mentioned a few times in these posts. Since Seven is doing this show and everyone knows them for the hentai they do that would had made an episode based on the porn chapter really something interesting to see. In that chapter Kichou and Kitsuno watch porn and we get to see clips of it. Considering some of the changes they have made to previous episodes to add content and Seven’s reputation with porn that would had resulted in a super interesting episode to see what they would do with it.

This episode is what I thought would had been the final episode chapter since it would had better served as a last episode since everyone is present in it. This episode was really two chapters put together as well with the second half of this episode being the last chapter of volume 3. So the question is what will they do with the final episode now? Maybe they will go back to the chapter before this one and give us the porn watching chapter as the last episode instead so they could end the show on a really high note. However as much as I want that to happen I am thinking that they will instead proceed into volume 4 and give us the first chapter from that as strange of a choice it may be. The reason I suspect this is because of this month’s posters and what the Nobunaga one showed.

If you look at the monthly posters post on the site than you probably noticed in the Nobunaga poster for this month is a character that has not shown up in the show at all. The white haired woman first appears in chapter 1 of volume 4 which is the next chapter after this one. So it is possible that was a hint towards the fact that they plan on having her show up in the final episode even though introducing a new character in the last one is an odd decision. So I’m kind of expecting next week to give us her as a conclusion and not only that her chapter does have nudity as well so we will end the show on nudity if they do that chapter. Of course I could be wrong and they might end up giving us something completely original or will do that previous chapter idea. However the choice to put the new girl on a monthly poster was a strange one if they don’t plan on having her in the show in some form unless they were doing that as a subtle hint towards hope for a season 2. Guess we will know next week if they plan on using her.

Skipping out on the porn chapter is rage inducing. Considering the manga is made by the creator of Koe de Oshigoto this would had been the perfect tribute to it. Especially if they kept all of it intact for the anime. Maybe we will get lucky and one day they will do an ova of that chapter for a volume release maybe. Better yet change the chapter so that all the girls are present and they each fantasize about being in the porn instead and thus giving us imagination sex scenes with all of them in true koe de oshigoto fashion. 

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 36