Made in Abyss Review Episodes 1&2

Only cute lolis, no suffering here.

It’s time to delve into the abyss, friends. One of this season highlights, Made in Abyss, based off the manga with the same name is here! I hope you’re all excited for a cute loli to go cave exploring with her shota robot. Anyhow, these reviews will be mostly the same stuff you’ve come to expect. Plenty of stitches and WebMs, but this time I’ll be doing some comparisons between how things were handled in the anime versus the manga. This review cover episodes 1 and 2 which adapts chapters 1-5 from the manga.


Episode 1:

Okay, first thing of note is the anime begins with chapter 2. Chapter 1 is broken up between the two episodes. Luckily the director handled this well for the most part. I assume they wanted to introduce, Reg, as soon as possible. Things fall into place, but minor panels and a few pages did get cut.



The mangaka isn’t shy about showing his love for shotas. Reg’s penis is brought up several times throughout the manga. Reg, is a robot with a fully functioning penis. It’s a bit odd, but it’s something. Glad to see this scene remained intact.



Episode 2:

Right here is where the anime should of technically started, but it works out for the better. The only big difference is Reg can be found within this scene.



So, right here is where we should of been given our first piece of service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’re getting any Riko pantsu today.



Ah yes, the naked hanging punishment. Many people rejoiced when this didn’t make episode 1. Only to find out it did make its way into the anime with episode 2. Love it or hate it we get to see Riko in her full glory. The major difference here is that in the anime her hair in glued to her chest. The manga isn’t shy about showing her nipples on the other hand.



Lastly, this minor changing panel didn’t make it into the anime since chapter 1 got diced up. It’s all good nonetheless




















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I highly recommend reading the manga or watching the anime if you’d like to get into the plot of this series. I won’t be speaking too much about the plot in these reviews unless the anime goes off the rails. It’s best to first hand experience the beauty and horrors of this story. So, give the manga a chance if you have time. Definitely one of the better reads I’ve had with manga in some time now. The anime is also shaping up nicely. We’ll see how things go in the weeks to come. Do look forward to more!