Me! Me! Me! Fanservice Review

When psychedelic ecchi became a cult meme…


WARNING: Some of the media for this article contains the depiction of inner organs or blood, which I attempted to censor for some images.¬†I’ve linked the original image to the censored image, so it can be seen by clicking the censored image. Unless you want to see the uncensored image, DO NOT click on the cap(s) with censors. If you manage to build the courage to look at/click the images, you get the uncensored image in PNG as a treat.ūüėȬ†


ME!ME!ME! is anime short #3 from¬†the Japan Animator Expo. ¬†It’s actually an AMV more than an anime short so it’s not easy to find on major sites like AniDB, ANN and MAL. ¬†(AniDB lists it as a song for example.)

From the home page:

You are attacked and ravished by many girls.

It didn’t take long for this ME!ME!ME! to attain cult status and become a meme.

From Know Your Meme:

‚ÄúME!ME!ME!‚ÄĚ is a 2014 electronic pop song created by Japanese DJ and producer Teddyloid that quickly gained cult status among anime fans for its catchy tunes and the enigmatic premise of its music video, which prominently features suggestive themes and an abundance of attractive-looking female characters.

What’s interesting about ME!ME!ME! is that it’s a lot deeper (and darker) that you might think. ¬†You can find various explanations of the deeper meanings if you search the Internet.

But that’s neither here nor there for most ecchi fans, so let’s get deeper into the ecchi ¬†shall we?

Otaku Abode.  His name is Syu.

You’d think that was his ex-girlfriend, Hana, in a picture frame but it’s not. ¬†Instead it’s two dancer girls in a some sort of display.

Dream / Fantasy time.  Light side.  So their name is meme MassProduction?  Mass produced virtual girls?  With different types.  Sure are cute though.

And boy can they dance.

Dancer girls can be really sexy too.

Erotic dancing FTW!

And those dancer girls can be ecchi too!

Nice cakes and nice crotch Dancer Girl has.

Descent to the Dark Side.  Dark Hana.  Beware all yee who enter here.

Dancer girls have dark sides too?  But dayum, they can be so erotic.

The ecchi keeps getting better.  And darker.

Ahego time.


Heaven or Hell for Syu?

Back to reality?

Not so fast.

Dark Hana comes out of the display. ¬†And she’s on the prowl for Syu.


Acid trip?

Sexy trip though.

Light Hana appears.  One last chance for Syu?

Boobie guns.  How can a guy win against that?

And the ending gets weird.  But the 2D girls seem to have the upper hand.

Official Art

From the official site.

Final Remarks

I can see why ME!ME!ME! became a cult meme.

Erotic dancing in anime should be a thing.  So damn ecchi and so damn good when done right.  ME!ME!ME! does it right.

Psychedelic.  Ecchi.  What a trip!  Sexy fun bright flashing colors to go along with trippy music.

Anime shows could learn a thing or two from ME!ME!ME!

ME!ME!ME! has deeper (and darker) themes¬†but ecchi fans don’t need to go downstairs to those levels unless they want to. ¬†Just stay¬†upstairs¬†and dance and party with the girls who know how to do ecchi right.

A big thanks/Credit goes to to Sanya-sama for 2 of the stitches, as well as the stitches without watermarks. Thanks to his help, I was able to finalize the media for Me! Me! Me!.

A big thanks/Credit goes to Scissors for his assistance with formatting and writing for this review.

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