Made in Abyss Review Episodes 7&8

New adventures await!

This post concludes volume two of the manga and begins the third volume. Episode 7 picks up towards the end of chapter 14. Ozen, challenges Reg and Riko in order to see if they can truly make it down the abyss. Reg, gets wrecked without so much as denting Ozen’s strength. As such some much needed training was in order. If Reg truly wants to protect Riko he’ll need to get a lot better. Episode 8 compromise a miniature training arc and the departure from the seeker camp. Finally, we’ll be descending down another layer of the abyss! This episode finishes up chapter 17. Next post should have the fan favorite character making its first appearance within the anime. She also claims every single doujinshi released for this series. So, Nanachi fans, look forward to her! Enjoy!


Episode 7:

In case anyone was wondering how this looked.



Episode 8:


Interesting end card to say the least.




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Two more posts to go! In all likely hood this anime will be stopping around putting down a certain experiment. Should be a beautiful end, but I’ll withhold final judgement for now.