Mahou Shoujo ni Akogarete – Episode 01 Fanservice Post

Erotic, sexually assaulted and raped magic girls at your service. 


I’m Magic, your new writer for this show and your new guy for commentary on slutty magical girls.

We’re introduced to our new three favorite cum dumpsters right out of the gate.  Don’t get too hyped up, though, because they\re just doing some off-screen fighting with their magic attacks.

“Oh! My favorite heroes are fighting!” But really she has some more deep, hidden perverted desires in mind.

This is the part where you, dear reader, are probably wondering “what the fuck did I sign up for?” when watching this show. Well, I’m glad to tell you, because yes, if your first thought was “is them getting beat up a fetish for this show?” (Ryona), then yes, you are in plentiful supply look no further!  The cum dumpster trio is ready for anything it seems.

“I wish I could be like those magical girls!”  This is where I call into question what kind of fucking deity she was prayng to because then this shit happens….

We learn her name is Utena Hiragi, and our pal Velanita here just wants to give her some evil magical powers.  Yeah, okay, I know you just want to see them raped already but foreplay was invented for a reason, y’know?

“You’re gonna make me a good magical girl right? RIGHT?”

Venalita breaks the bad news to Utena and it already looks like she’s getting cold feet.  Turns out being a sex offender is harder than it looks on TV.

And there you have it! Her new transformation.  Doesn’t really scream like the rapey type to you, does it?

And she’s already running away.

We get this nice shot of my favorite cum dumpster slut in the Opening, for no other reason than just to please me so I’d make this post.  Or something.

It seems Venalita has been doing some “research” on Utena, our least favorite cum dumpster, probably to make it seem like he’s actually doing some work.  Get a room or something.

Now we get some actual “plot” details about our favorite slut dungeon master being a super mahou shoujo fan, who would’ve thought?  That’s right, she has all the merch bitches.

We get this forced transformation sequence, although she’s uncomfortable now just wait until she realizes she can get horny.

“Ah! My favorite Magical Girls!  Wait I’m the villain oh no!”  Such a plight, though thankfully she must have been reading up on her mahou shoujo doujinshi because she secretly wants to violate them.

“I want to be friends I never wanted to be the villain! Help me!” Well, given her appearance…

…her chances are zero as the other sluts (pure and innocent for now) get confused over why this dumb whore is asking for help.

“C-Can you stick out your butts a bit more?” That’s right, she said it.  Oh wait, the tentacles haven’t gotten here yet?  Oh well, might as well stick them out now for the rest of us to see.

“What’s that? Surely she couldn’t plan to do…?” Our cast of three pure innocent little sluts is now starting to realize the situation they’re in. Cue generic hentai monster, perfect for molesting and raping, but the latter of which is too early for us apparently.

Finally, what all of your cocks have been waiting for, pure suffering, although this scene with the three cum dumpsters is unforgivably short just like your penis.

Now above me you can see our blonde Goldie-locks getting absolutely destroyed by the molestation.  “Don’t touch me there!” Then her ass stretches out and her pussy gets rubbed.  Yes, this is the perfect magical girl show.

Below me, our favorite showrunner of our cum dumpsters suffering gets a bright idea: lets just slap their ass sillies.

And our next cute and innocent slut probably belongs in some rape hentai because she looks one slap away from giving up on life.


“I-It was all just a dream?” Hurry and go back to sleep you fucking whore!

Ah, turns out it wasn’t a dream, and they actually hauled ass and escaped.  Go figure.

It looks like she’s busy trying to process the whole thing.  Look, it’s simple, you’re a sadist bitch.

“Oh I kind of slapped your ass last week!”  “Oh really? No way!”  Turns out our pink little cum dumpster has no idea what happened, and can’t tell Utena apart from her villain form. Well, Japanese writers, you know who to call for a better script.

She bends over and gets butthurt.  What else is new?

And now the other girl has her ass hurting, while semi-naked in the classroom.  Stick your ass out some more you useless slut.

The pain of having your ass beaten senselessly.  Doujin writers, make the plot about their dad beating them or something.

“I can sense the evil!” It’s so joever.

And now, behold, the power of our main cum dumpsters transformation sequence.  Keep your dick in your pants, please.

And now, finally, tits smaller than you’d expect from the rape magnet.

Yes, blue/green hair is hot, no, she is not my favorite.  Don’t get your dick in a twist.

Finally, finally! Yes I have worked more than 5 hours on this post, but that doesn’t even matter anymore! Just fucking rape her pussy already. Easily my favorite cum dumpster of this show. Her smile is great.

The music in the background is really weirding me out.

And yes, just to those fuckers who would bitch in the comments if I didnt mention this, yes, the slap mark is still there.

Quick, we got like seven minutes of molesting left, let’s hurry and fuck ’em.

I hope you have a tickle fetish.



I have no words.  Just that face at the end.

That mouth, I think cum dumpster might not even be the right word.  Like a cum museum or something would be more proper for my favorite slut.

“I enjoyed this but I don’t want my ass to get kicked so bye bye!” I guess she’s a sadist but not a masochist.

She’s so horny she’s GUSHING with all of those sex hormones just ready to burst.  If she didn’t look so weird I would probably give her more dirty talk, sorry utena fans.

Closet pervert.  Happens to the best of us.

Some extra crying from blue girl to make it up to you rapists.

My goldie-locks perverts you better look at this image well, you can tell this is when “no” means “yes.”


So, what’s the moral of the story? Don’t be a cum dumpster?  Well, overall I’d say our trio had some fun today.  I think their first encounter with Utena really got their pussies into shape, with a little less rape-y stuff than I’d have hoped for.  We see their small tits, some asses as well and some tickle torture because why not.  Their panties are wet, and are hopefully ready.  I guess the moral of the story is more like prepare to be a cum dumpster.


Next episode we’ll be dealing with Utena’s first real batttle.