Majikoi Episode 03 Fanservice Review

Episode 03 gives us some extensive Yukie service, with some Miyako teasing.

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A reference to the visual novel – explanation below. Also, I didn’t notice I hadn’t moved/turned off my cursor when I took this screenshot until just now. Apologies.

The episode opens with Miyako bent over the railing on the roof of their dormitory, naked and panting, asking Yamato to conquer her. This is a gag however, and eventually it is revealed that Yamato is playing a visual novel in which Miyako is every single heroine while Miyako stands beside him narrating. The game case she’s holding has cover art which parodies the cover art of the original Majikoi as well.

This references a scene from her route in the visual novel, (the comparison which can be seen above) in which she declares her love for Yamato, seeking his acceptance and reciprocation for her feelings. If you accept, she shouts out in excitement, embraces Yamato and asks him to have sex with her. Being an eroge protagonist, you gladly accept and take her right there on the roof, seemingly not caring that the remainder of the Kazama Family is nearby. Very romantic.


Miyako attempts to ambush Yamato as he wakes up, but Yamato evades and kicks her out of his room. Miyako desires to mend Yamato’s heartbreak after having been rejected by Momoyo, and realizes the situation is a good chance to win him for herself.


Later, Miyako sits sullen on the rooftop of the dormitory, and briefly explains her love for Yamato to Cookie, (the Kazama family’s robot helper) who probably should have known this already, as Miyako is the person that is closest with Cookie. Miyako describes how Yamato once saved Miyako from bullies, despite knowing this could have made him a target of the bullies ire as well. Miyako decides she must take control of the situation and claim Yamato by force.

This is a heavily abridged description of their relationship, which is explained in much greater detail in the visual novel, along with the circumstances that led her to join the Kazama Family. The bullying she received is only briefly described, but the visual novel reveals was quite vicious. Explaining this would have helped viewers understand her love for Yamato, but what’s done is done. Later fandisc material also reveals the truly sad lengths she is willing to go to simply be by Yamato’s side, even knowing he is in love with another woman.


Miyako takes action by tying up Yamato and stripping to her underwear, but is repelled.


Cookie asks Yamato why he doesn’t return Miyako’s feelings. Some information is repeated here as Yamato says that he doesn’t deserve to reciprocate Miyako’s feelings, explaining that he only saved her from the bullies to ease his own guilty conscience. Yamato knew Miyako was being bullied long before he saved her, but didn’t out of fear of becoming a target as well. Miyako overhears this conversation and embraces Yamato, overjoyed knowing that he thinks about her so much.

The main service of the episode begins next with a very lengthy bath scene featuring Yukie, who is coming to terms with her own feelings for Yamato.


Yukie references her first meeting with Yamato, that involved her accidentally flashing him a glimpse of her panties. The visual novel CG isn’t nearly as revealing though.

Yukie thinks she can use her strong cooking skills to win over Yamato. The anime provide us a shot of her in a naked apron. The visual novel ups the ante with a similar naked apron scene during Yukie’s after story. Try to guess what happens shortly after Yamato sees her dressed like this.


In short, Yukie has a long discussion with Matsukaze regarding Yamato, reflecting on her own shortcomings, recalling her first meeting with Yamato, renewing her determination in seeking his love, and wondering what she can do to gain an edge over other girls. Yukie is talking to herself this entire scene, as Matsukaze is simply an alternative way for her to speak, sometimes giving some rather bold opinions and statements as she’s too nervous to be portrayed as doing so herself.


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Yukie sees Yamato in the halls of the dormitory, and given that she was just discussing him at length, becomes quite nervous. Yamato simply wishes Yukie a good night, which makes Yukie quite happy. As she prepares to sleep, she hopes that “tomorrow is just as good as today.”

This is the final scene of the episode. The credits this time give us a decent shot of Wanko’s ass, but is again only a slow panning shot. If you like Wanko, she’ll get some characterization next episode, but Chris (the blonde) will be the main service provider.

Until then, see you next time.