Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 6 & 7 Fanservice Review

+1 to harem

Episode six is light on fanservice. In fact, there’s pretty much nothing noteworthy from the episode other than the end card. So, I merged it with an eventful episode seven.

Lola is upset that a rival receptionist for the adventure guild, Sarah, is using her body to manipulate customers. This is obviously against the spirit of the occupation.

Sarah is best girl. You can disagree, but you would be wrong.

Lola challenges Sarah to a competition to earn the most customers. If Lola loses, then Sarah gets to add Noir to her collection of enslaved men. Sounds like Noir wins either way if you ask me.

Lola takes a page out of Sarah’s book and seduces Noir. Partially out of gratitude for his assistance in winning the competition, and partially to ensure that he remains by her side. It works.

this is like low budget hentai sex that only alternates between two or three frames, except you know…without any nudity whatsoever. sounds kinda awful when you put it that way.

The episode ends here, to be continued with the competition. The end credits show Noir assisting a drunk Luna back to their room. Will sparks fly? You know the answer to that.

There’s lots of stuff you could do Noir. Mayyybe he’ll figure this out next episode.