Maken-Ki! Two Vol.1 Torrent


The torrent I uploaded earlier today did not have any BD extras.  Just now I uploaded a new torrent that has everything except for the scans (NCOP, etc).

As far as the obvious thought everyone is having, I’m working on both DxD New and Maken-Ki! videos right now.  The first DxD video release is very nearly done, while the Maken-Ki! Two video is looking pretty imposing and I’ve just barely started on it.  Expect one of those two tomorrow (probably DxD).

The DxD video looks fantastic by the way.  It includes volume six of course, and I also went back to the previous volumes and made a few dozen changes for the better.  I also redid the OP similar to what I did in Seikon no Qwaser and Ikkitousen (though not as painstaking as those two).  My favorite bit, I added a montage for all the noteworthy scans that turned out nicely.