Maken-Ki! Two’s “Ted” parody in episode seven is pure genius


What a great episode this was.  For those that didn’t watch the first season, Kodama has always had a thing for stuffed animals, no doubt to aid in her lolicon charms.  But what if her beloved teddy bear comes to life, not as a cuddly loveable creature but as a degenerate sex hound lady killer?

This teddy bear character feels like Kon from Bleach if his soul were swapped out for ero-kaichou Shunsui Karakul (coincidentally, our teddy anti-hero shares the same voice actor).  Or, perhaps the eponymous Ted from Seth McFarlane’s recent comedy film, if Ted had just a little pedobear in him.  He has no shame.  He shows no mercy.  There was a joke about him becoming a mainstay character.  I would certainly hope so.

This was a hilarious and refreshing episode for a series that had been mostly a mundane and cliched franchise to this point.  The writing here breaks the fourth wall in a way that actually works, while a few surprises take things further than we might have been conditioned to expect.  Our teddy hero is pillaging and conquering, and seems to be having a great deal of fun as he does.  So we have fun watching him too.  This episode was pervy fun done right.

Even better, this (the seventh) episode did not let uncharacteristically good writing deter it from servicing viewers.  If anything, the service was more blatant than ever.

The episode kicks off with some pointless (and much needed) Kodama fanservice.  Not many characters in the annals of ecchi get more mileage out of PG-rated service than Kodama does.  Just like the first series, there is a particular service emphasis for her ample backside, one that belies her otherwise youthful features.

263 253 243 233

Much later in the episode, we are treated so another batch of pointless soft service from Haruko and Inaho.

118 215 36 44

Kodama strips down.  We get more foreground censorship that will likely be removed on blu-ray, though obviously you would not expect this to be a big deal.


Seconds later we are treated to a barrage of juicy booty shots as Kodama continues to change, or at least attempts to.  An (up til now) lifeless teddy bear keeps falling over just before the best part, and always with the most perverted low angles.

183 193 203 216

Kodama eventually catches the teddy bear in the act, and after an unapologetic exchange from the offensive party, she flies into one of her patented tsundere rages, summoning one of her powerful minions to demolish him.  She leaves things to her assassin of choice (who happens to be female) and hits the shower (for which the viewers are invited along).

154 1612 175

Three shots, three obvious candidates for redraw.  Well, at least two of them.  Kodama returns from her showy shower scene to see the results of her kill command and finds…

144 134 1210 341 331

…that teddy not only lived but banged his would be killer.  And it would appear he is more than a little skilled at his craft.  Kodama pulls up the bed sheets, revealing a rupture from the teddy’s crotch area, where white stuffing was leaking out.

His rampage is only just beginning:

bearhug1 bearhug2 bearhug3 bearhug4bearhug6 83

He then intentionally rolls on the ground to dirty himself.  An unsuspecting Haruko and Inaho find him, and the rest is history.

119 107 93

This will certainly be a very nice scene on blu-ray.  But seriously, who finds a dusty teddy bear and jumps into the bathtub with it?  Busty ecchi wenches, that’s who.

Teddy tells his sob story to Kodama, then with her guard down he ambushes with a classic skirt pull.  Once again, foreground censorship.

64 73

A “spent” Kodama is nearly defeated by a runaway random bad guy, only to be saved by teddy who “sacrifices” himself in the act.  We assume him to be gone, until we are treated to the perfect ending as he lies lifeless on Kodama’s dresser:

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