Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o! (Venus to Mamoru) DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 13 – 16

Aww, we get naked hugging and kissing but why does it have to be so far off in the distance???


For more background info on this anime, please check out the first section of Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku o! (Venus to Mamoru) DVD Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 04.

Episode 13

The “bad” guy shows up and is a complete a-hole.  Ayako really should just kick his ass but doesn’t.  He’s the one person she can’t beat with her superpowers.

The bad guy tries to lure Ayako to Germany  No wonder Mamoru and others are worried.

Mamoru gets sabotaged by the bad guy.

Episode 14

Mamoru gets angsty then grows a pair.  And we can some fanservice after there was basically none in the previous episode but it’s off in the distance…

Cute ass Mamoru’s imouto has.

Being naked is great.  Holding hand, hugging and kissing while naked is even better.  But why is so much of it so far off in the distance???

At least the kissing part was up nice and close…

Attaboy Mamoru!!!

Episode 15

Filler episode?  It’s all about the one day Shione doesn’t have a crazy hairstyle and how everybody reacts to that.  And there is some fanservice.  Shione is really cute with long straight blond hair though…

More scenes like this would have been nice.  Such a natural panty shot.

When a brother doesn’t recognize his  own imouto…

Nice pose by Ayako.

Another panty shot scene.  But it’s a little too far off in the distance…

Shione wears cute bras.  And they don’t seem to be small either…

Episode 16

Ayako’s grandfather shows and a tragedy almost ensues.  Not the sexual harassment.  Instead he almost marries her off to her stalker.  All to get Mamoru to step up and be a man.  Can a shōta be a man???

Who wouldn’t want to check out Ayako’s oppai?  But that’s her grandfather and guardian….

Ayako looks fabulous in a wedding dress.  As expected…


If you look closely at the first image, you’ll see an official sketch of Ayako topless…


This set of episodes did not have as much fanservice as previous sets.  The drama arc is just getting started.

Ayako looks great in a wedding dress.  As expected.

Really naked to get naked hand-holding, hugging and kissing.  But why o why does so much if it have to be so far off in the distance???

The visuals for this older anime continue to be pleasing.  I had fun making stitches and webms.

I happen to like older anime shows but they are not for everybody.  They can be dated, a mixed bag and not HD too boot.

Venus to Mamoru is a mixed bag.  There are a lot of elements that I like but some I’m not crazy about like shōta.  At least Mamoru doesn’t act like a little kid.  He just looks like one.  Especially next to Ayako who is tall and well developed for her age.

I really like how they don’t mess around with the romance part of this anime.  Ayako confesses early in the first episode and they become an official couple in the second episode.  Would be nice if newer shows would learn not to drag out the romance for what seems like forever.

I also really  like the character designs and artwork for Venus to Mamoru.  Still looks pretty good 10+ years later.

What a swell character design for Ayako.  Tall, slender, athletic with all the curves in all the right places.  Including oppai.  Ayako is a hidden oppai kind of girl.  They are bigger and better than they look under her clothes.  Plus there’s something to be said for long blue hair.

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